UNICORE 6 Nagios sensors implementation

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This is a coordination page, trying to coordinate the efforts of different NGIs to produce Nagios sensors for UNICORE 6 services and generally to collect information about the process doing so.

The integration of UNICORE and Globus middleware stacks into the EGI Nagios infrastructure requires not only the release of the corresponding Nagios sensors but also the installation of the gLite UI, Globus 5 and UNICORE 6 clients, used to run the checks, on the same Nagios Host. In D-Grid such environment is already deployed (not from RPMs) successfully on the host ui.d-grid.de.

In order to release a full Nagios package for the EGI community (to be used by other NGIs), RPM packages for the UNICORE 6 and Globus 5 Clients need to be included.

Also, the automatic configuration of the UNICORE and Globus Clients should be done (if this possible) with YAIM (as the case with gLite).

In summary, the following tasks need to be performed by the NGI-DE partners for the integration:

  1. Adjust the existing D-Grid Globus and UNICORE Nagios sensors and package them as RPMs (LRZ and KIT)
  2. Provides RPM package for UNICORE 6 UCC client (FZJ)
  3. Provides RPM Package for Gobus 5 Client only (LRZ)
  4. Test the deployment of the RPMs on the NGI-DE Nagios test Host (conflicts with the gLite packages ?, KIT)
  5. Implement YAIM Scripts for automatic configuration of the UNICORE and GLOBUS Clients after Installation (KIT)
  6. Integrate the RPMs and YAIM Scripts into JRA1 SAM Repository (JRA1)

Status of UNICORE Nagios sensors

A list of service-types and their description is being collected in MS 407

  • UNICOREX (named for reasons of simplification UNICOREX (without "/") and added to GOCDB).
  • unicore-registry (named after already existing RPMs in D-Grid and added to GOCDB).
  • unicore-gateway ((named after already existing RPMs in D-Grid and added to GOCDB).
  • Workflow Engine
  • Service Orchestrator
  • CIS
  • UVOS
  • Target System Interface (TSI)



D-Grid reference installation wiki (needs a login)