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How to let jobs run in local scratch space on the WN

Today there is no commonly accepted environment variable to identify the scratch space for jobs to use on the WN. Therefore the site needs to ensure the job starts in the right place.

CREAM solution

For a CREAM CE the site admin can easily control the desired behavior by defining the GLITE_LOCAL_CUSTOMIZATION_DIR environment variable on the WN (e.g. in an extra script in /etc/profile.d) and creating the necessary scripts in the corresponding directory as explained here.

For example, the script could contain something like this:

# this is _sourced_ by the CREAM/WMS job wrapper

my_local_job_dir=`mktemp -d /scratch/job-XXXXXXXXXX` || exit
cd $my_local_job_dir || exit

And then could contain this:

# this is _sourced_ by the CREAM/WMS job wrapper

# move out of the area to be cleaned up;
# beware the initial directory might no longer exist

[ -d "${my_initial_dir:=/}" ] && cd "$my_initial_dir" || cd /

# impose sanity check on the local job directory string...

case "$my_local_job_dir" in
    [ -d "$my_local_job_dir" ] && /bin/rm -r "$my_local_job_dir"

However, beware that the job may get killed before it executes, so the admin should also create a daily or hourly cron job that cleans up any stale job directories.

Torque solution

For Torque one can use its "tmpdir" feature instead and let Torque handle the whole thing, which then would cover all uses of the batch system, not just CREAM or WMS job submission: