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GRAM Authentication test failure

Full message

$ globus-job-run /usr/bin/env
GRAM Job submission failed because the connection to the server failed
 (check host and port) (error code 12)
$ globusrun -a -r
GRAM Authentication test failure: connecting to the job manager failed.
 Possible reasons: job terminated, invalid job contact, network problems, ...


The client could not authenticate the service.


  1. Is the CA for the service present on the client machine?
  2. Is it still valid? Check with: openssl x509 -noout -text -in the_CA_file
  3. Check $X509_CERT_DIR (instead of /etc/grid-security/certificates) if defined.
  4. Is the CA perhaps overridden by a file in your ~/.globus directory?
  5. Are the certificate revocation lists (CRLs) up to date?
  6. See also 7_authentication_failed
  7. Is the time correct on the client and the server? If the client's time is ahead of the server's time, the service might consider a fresh proxy not yet valid.