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This page explains how operational activities map to EGI-InSPIRE SA1 tasks and provides guidance to SA1 staff on how to report activities and effort. For a complete overview of EGI InSPIRE activities, please refer to the EGI-InSPIRE Description of Work.

Task 1: Activity Management

(Task leader: T. Ferrari,

Task 2: A Secure Infrastructure

(Task leader: D. Kelsey - STFC)

Task 3: Software Deployment and Interoperations

(Task leader: J. Pina - LIP, M. Krakowian -

Task 4: Infrastructure for Grid Management (Operational Tools)

(Task leader: E. Imamagic - SRCE)

Task 5: Accounting

(Task leader: A. Packer, STFC)

Task 6: Helpdesk Infrastructure

(Task leader: G. Grein - KIT)

Task 7: Support Teams

(Task leader: Ron Trompert, SARA)

(Leader: A. Krenek - CESNET)

Task 8 Providing a Reliable Grid Infrastructure

(Task leader: Paschalis Korosoglou, AUTH)

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