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Title:       EGI SVG Advisory 'HIGH' RISK - Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in 
xrootd-server-atlas-n2n-plugin  for ATLAS FAX sites - N2N xrootd service [EGI-SVG-2014-7372]

Date:        2014-09-11 



A buffer overflow bug was found in the ATLAS VO's 'name-to-name' library that's used 
on site's SE head nodes as part of the xrootd federated redirection system (FAX). 
This has been fixed and announced as a bug fix to the mailing list.

EGI SVG and CSIRT consider this to be a software vulnerability, and is treating it as such and 
advising sites to update as soon as possible if they have not done already. 


This problem was discovered when a user launched jobs that use a malformed ROOT url, 
these jobs crashed many FAX sites. This was not of course a malicious act but provided 
awareness of this problem which was due to a buffer overflow.

This has been fixed.

The bug was in the xrootd-server-atlas-n2n-plugin.

This constitutes a vulnerability because a malicious user could intentionally crash sites, 
also it is possible that an exploit may be developed which allows a more serious attack. 

Risk category

This issue has been assessed as 'High' risk at present by the EGI CSIRT and 
EGI SVG Risk Assessment Team.  

Note that if an exploit is found which allows more serious consequences other 
than crashing the service it is likely to be elevated to 'Critical' risk. 

Affected software

This is fixed in the xrootd-server-atlas-n2n-plugin-2.0-5 

All versions earlier than this are likely to be vulnerable.


N/A. Sites should install update. 

Component installation information

The fixed version of this software is available in the WLCG repro


Sites should restart their services after installing the updated module. 


Sites are recommended to update relevant components as soon as possible, 
if they have not done so already.

Other information

Further examination and improvement to the code is being currently being carried out, 
in order to ensure that there are no further vulnerabilities. 


This vulnerability was reported to SVG by David Groep from Nikhef. 


2014-08-29 Vulnerability reported by David Groep - after announcement as a bug fix.
2014-08-29 Acknowledgement from the EGI SVG to the reporter
                       Various discussions on Risk.
2014-09-08 Agreed to be a 'High' risk vulnerability at EGI IRTF meeting
2014-09-11 Advisory sent to sites, to inform that it is a high risk vulnerability, and not just a bug.
2014-09-29 Public disclosure