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All advisories which are disclosed publicly by SVG are placed on this wiki.

A guide to the risk categories is available at Notes On Risk

SVG also provides information that may be useful to various sites concerning the various SVG Speculative execution vulnerabilities

This may be useful to sites in conjunction with the advisories Advisory-SVG-CVE-2017-5753 , Advisory-SVG-CVE-2018-3639 , and Advisory-SVG-CVE-2018-3620 from 2018.

Date Title Contents/Link Risk Status
2019-05-29 updated 2019-09-16 Docker symlink-race attack Advisory-SVG-CVE-2018-15664 Alert Fixed
2019-07-10 ZeroMQ Vulnerability Advisory-SVG-CVE-2019-13132 Alert
2019-06-20 Linux Kernel DOS vulnerability: TCP SACK panic Advisory-SVG-CVE-2019-11477 Alert
2019-05-16 updated 2019-06-20 Singularity Vulnerability announced by the Singularity team Advisory-SVG-CVE-2019-11328 High Fixed
2019-05-16 Microarchitectural Store Buffer Data vulnerability affecting Intel Processors Advisory-SVG-CVE-2018-12126 High Fixed
2019-02-13 updated 2019-03-01 runc malicious container escape affecting Docker, Kubernetes, lxc Advisory-SVG-CVE-2019-5736 Critical
2019-01-10 updated 2019-01-15, 2019-05-14 systemd-journald vulnerabilities Advisory-SVG-2019-15258 Up to Critical Heads Up

EGI SVG produces advisories according to the EGI Software Vulnerability Issue Handling Process , which was revised in 2017 and approved by the EGI OMB in November 2017.

Note that SVG is currently working on how to better cope with reducing homogeneity of the infrastructure and handle vulnerabilities related to the EOSC-hub services.

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In the past (up to the end of 2015) CSIRT also issued general alerts at and EGI SVG advisories primarily concerned gLite Middleware.

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Advisories from prior to 2011 Gridpp Advisories Archive

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