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Issue Handling Summary

This page contains a very basic summary of the approved EGI Software Vulnerability Issue Handling Process

Reporting an issue

Anyone may report an issue - by e-mail to

report-vulnerability (at)

Investigation of an issue

If it has not been announced, SVG contacts the software provider and the software provider investigates (with SVG members, reporter, others, as is relevant.)

The relevance and effect in EGI are determined.

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assesment is then carried out by the RAT for all valid issues which are relevant to EGI, where the issue is placed in 1 of 4 risk categories

Notes On Risk

Target Date Set

If the issue had not been fixed, the target date for resolution is set to a fixed value for each risk category

This allows the prioritization of fixing of issues, according to how serious they are. This is mainly relevant to software produced by members of EGI and those collaborating with EGI.

Fixing the problem

It is then up to the developers and software distributers to ensure the vulnerability is eliminated from the software available to the EGI infrastructure in time for the Target Date.

Advisory issued

Advisory is issued by SVG

Various views and responsibilities in issue handling process

From here we link to more information on the EGI Vulnerability Issue handling from various points of view.

(Note these are currently being updated (26th April 2016).

The Reporters View summarises the process and responsibilities from the Reporters point of view.

The SVG View summarises the process and responsibilities from the SVG point of view.

The Software Providers View summarises the process and responsibilities from the Software Providers point of view.

The EGI MW Unit View summarises the process and responsibilities from the EGI Middleware Unit's view.

The Deployment View summarises the process and responsibilities of the NGIs and Sites deploying the Middleware in the EGI infrastructure.

Some Notes On Risk are also available

The approved issue handling

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