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Resource infrastructure Provider OLA: Release Notes V1.1

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Resource infrastructure Provider OLA v1.0

Download the Resource infrastructure Provider OLA v1.0

Release notes v. 1.0

This is the first version of the EGI Resource infrastructure Centre OLA adopting the EGI operations terminology defined in the EGI Operations Architecture (EGI-InSPIRE deliverable D4.1).

  • Changes to the document can now be requested by issuing a GGUS ticket.
  • A termination clause was added.
  • EGI Resource Centres are no longer part of the list of involved parties ( and the RPs are the only partners involved, and that represents the interests of other RPs and of the EGI RCs). RCs do not need to be involved in negotiation and approval of this document.
  • The definition of Incident and Problem according to ITIL was added to the Terminology section.
  • The constraint that an incident MUST be resolved in 5 days is now removed - it is just recommended (we don't have a mechanism to control and enforce this right now anyway). "MUST" was replaced by "SHOULD".
  • The minimum service target (Availability/Reliability) of the NGI Information Discovery service (top-BDII) are set to 99%/99%.
  • The Resource infrastructure Provider is liabile in case of low performance. If the service targets are not respected, the Resource infrastructure Provider is required to provide a report and a plan of improblement of the service(s) affected.