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Regional tools use cases: Operation Portal GOCDB GGUS Accounting Nagios
Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.

Current status of regionalization

There are currently four instances of the regionalized operations portal used by: Portugal/Spain, Greece, Belarus and Czech Republic. The local instances push the information ( alarms, tickets , metrics) to the central one. In case of disruption of services in the Central Instance the regional ones continue to operate properly.

The main use cases envisaged are :

  • the integration of local sites into the dashboard (1)
  • the integration of non certified sites into the dashboard (2)
  • the use of a different helpdesk for local sites . (3)

The proposal is to use the regional GOC DB to solve use cases (1) and (2). And for use case (3) the solution could be to propose a generic interface with xGUS instances .

Use cases

Use case #1

On demand regional alarms to be added into dashboard

Use case description

On top of the EGI critical alarms give the possibility to configure new critical alarms as required by an NGI within the ROD scope only. Consequently, rod on duty can be alerted for all those alarms considered critical for his region. Modification, of course, could be applied only to those check not considered critical for EGI.

Dependencies with other regionalized tools

  • Nagios maybe in terms of the type of messages to be consumed by the dashboard
  • Regional helpdesk system

Dependencies with helpdesk system

Currently Operations Portal supports only an interface with GGUS. The regional Operations Portal should be able to interface with the regional helpdesk.

  • Support x-GUS is ongoing and should not be a big issue.
  • Interface for RT is planned and the O.P. team will work on it.
  • In the meanwhile there are plans to develop a standard interface that could be re-used with other regional helpdesk systems.