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<< GPGPU Working Group main page The latest production version of [| Torque (version ] is not widely used in the production EGI Grid. Moreover, it is normally used in conjuction with the MAUI scheduler.

Support for GPGPUs was introducted in torque 2.5.6. The number of GPGPUs made available on the client node is controlled through the torque nodes file on the torque server (normally /var/spool/torque/server_priv/nodes). For example, to indicate that 2 GPGPUs are available on, we would set the following in the nodes file: np=8 gpus=2

Further information on configuring support for GPGPUs can be found under [Torque GPGPU scheduling]

NVidia Support

If you are using high-end Nvidia GPGPUs (Kepler/Fermi), torque can extract and publish information about the status of these cards. However, you must re-compile torque to support these features. See: [NVidia GPGPU support]. This status information could be quite useful for GIP plugins to determine the availabilty and usage of GPGPUs resources.

Caveat This feature does not work with mid-to-low range GTX cards.

MAUI Support

See: [Torque with MAUI]