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Method: get_user

Description Returns a user or a list of users with associated details and roles. Note that roles apply to a particular project – this is shown in the XML which qualifies which user-roles apply to which project using the RECOGNISED_IN_PROJECTS element.
Protection Level Protected (level 2)

Entry point



parameter effect format/value(s) default example
dn Limit results to user with given certificate DN DN in standard string chain format all ?method=get_user&dn=/C=ZZ/O=certif/OU=users/OU=ngi.org/CN=Foo Bar
dnlike Limit results to user with certificate that matches given wildcard Search string (SQL syntax) all ?method=get_user&dnlike=%/OU=ngi.org%
forename Limit results to user(s) with given forename any string all ?method=get_user&forename=Robert
surname Limit results to user(s) with given surename any string all ?method=get_user&surname=Smith
roletype Limit results to user(s) with the specified role type(s) single or comma separated list of role types (multiple roles are OR'd together) all ?method=get_user&roletype=EGI CSIRT Officer,Chief Operations Officer
Docs for cursor params coming soon. Limit results and use cursor paging to iterate over all results See here for info

Output Example

Note, values for ENTITY_TYPE element are: site, project, servicegroup, ngi

    <EGEE_USER ID="1484G0" PRIMARY_KEY="1484G0">
	<TEL>+44 1925 603762</TEL>
	<CERTDN>/C=UK/O=eScience/OU=CLRC/L=DL/CN=david meredith</CERTDN>
	    <USER_ROLE>Service Group Administrator</USER_ROLE>
	    <RECOGNISED_IN_PROJECTS/>            <!-- ***new element (ServiceGroup role is Project agnostic)*** -->
	    <USER_ROLE>Chief Operations Officer</USER_ROLE>
	    <RECOGNISED_IN_PROJECTS>                    <!-- ***new element*** -->
		<PROJECT ID="1505">StandaloneProjectX</PROJECT>
	    <USER_ROLE>Site Operations Manager</USER_ROLE>
	    <RECOGNISED_IN_PROJECTS>                  <!-- ***new element*** -->

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