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VT EGI Pay-for-Use PoC

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This page is dedicated to the EGI Pay-for-Use Proof of Concept and Activities.



EGI currently operates within a publicly funded research and academic environment providing services free at point of delivery with resources bought from grants dedicated to certain groups or disciplines either by direct allocation or by peer review. With the advent of cloud computing, business models and user expectations are shifting towards on-demand and pay-per-use service provision increasing flexibility and agility. This new paradigm provides motivation for EGI to explore new service definitions by enabling the possibility to provide ICT services that can be paid for the use, along with the more traditional procurement of resources to be managed and offered for free to the owners.
This approach also allows researchers and resource providers to better understand costs to access individual services and would enable the creation of innovative business models and pricing schemes (e.g. pay-per-use).


In early 2013, the EGI Council approved a policy to explore business models for pay-for-use service delivery to couple together with the traditional method of free-at-point-of-use. The goal of this activity is to support the implementation of this policy in collaboration with NGIs through the definition and execution of proof of concepts. The mandate of the group is to create a proof of concept pay-for-use prototype. In 2014, activities have continued in order to move the prototype into production, which is expected for the end of 2016.


The objectives are the group are to:

  1. Articulate appropriate business and responsibility models through defined business cases
  2. Define prices for services from the participating sites (both compute and storage)
  3. Define agreements and service management processes and procedures
  4. Identify the tools required and necessary development to faciliate pay-for-use service provisioning (e.g. billing function)
  5. Analyse the changes within a pre-production environment that would be needed to support and roll out the new functionalities in the production environment
  6. Evaluate legal, policy, and organisational issues around the full implementation of the pay-for-use model
  7. Develop a full production service.

Group Members

  • Sy Holsinger, (Chair)
  • Sergio Andreozzi,
  • Luis Alves, CSC
  • Owen Appleton,
  • Emanouil Atanassov, IICT-BAS
  • Bruce Becker, CSIR
  • David Blundell, 100 Percent IT Ltd.
  • Wilhelm Buehler, KIT-G
  • Isabel Campos, CSIC
  • Daniele Cesini, INFN-CNAF
  • Alessandro Costantini, INFN/Master-Up
  • Ivan Diaz, CESGA
  • Miroslav Dobrucky, IISAS
  • Feyza Eryol, TUBITAK ULAKBIM
  • Carlos Fernandez Sanchez, CESGA
  • Enol Fernández del Castillo,
  • Tiziana Ferrari,
  • Luciano Gaido, INFN
  • André Gemünd, Fraunhofer SCAI
  • Vaidas Giedrimas, Šiauliai University
  • John Gordon, STFC
  • Todor Gurov, IICT-BAS
  • Sigve Haug, ETH ZURICH
  • Helmut Heller, BADW
  • Ladislav Hluchý, IISAS
  • Janne Ignatius, CSC
  • Javier Jimenez,
  • Kostas Koumantaros, GRNET
  • Kaspars Krampis, IMCS UL
  • Antonio Lagana, UNIPG/Master-Up
  • Panos Louridas, GRNET
  • Giorgio Maggi, INFN-Bari
  • Jesus Marco, IFCA/CSIC
  • Per Öster, CSC
  • Stuart Pullinger, STFC
  • Roksana Różańska, CYFRONET
  • François Ruty, Luna Technologies
  • Serge Salamanka, UIIP NASB
  • Diego Scardaci, INFN
  • Horst Schwichtenberg, Fraunhofer SCAI
  • Alvaro Simon, CESGA
  • Vincenzo Spinoso, INFN-Bari
  • Mariusz Sterzel, CYFRONET
  • Tomasz Szepieniec, CYFRONET
  • Jelena Tamulienė, VU
  • Onur Temizsoylu, TUBITAK ULAKBIM
  • Viet Tran, IISAS

Technical Details

The following link provides an overview of the technical details of the resource and technology providers for the PoC.

How to Join

If you would like to participate in the Proof of Concept, contact