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The Accounting Portal is part of the EGI Core Infrastructure Platform which supports the daily operations of EGI.


The EGI Accounting Infrastructure is distributed. At a central level it includes the repositories for the persistent storage of usage records. The central databases are populated through individual usage records published by the Resource Centres, or through the publication of summarised usage records. The Accounting Infrastructure is essential in a service-oriented business model to record usage information. The Accounting Portal provides data accounting views for users, VO Managers, NGI operations and the general public.

Technical description

The Accounting Portal receives and stores the site, user, and VO level summaries generated by the Accounting Repository and allows visualisation and manipulation via a web portal. For example, by aggregating sites in a country, or varying the time period viewed.

The system is expected to evolve to provide storage, cloud and parallel job views. The portal has a frontend that renders HTML pages, and a Python backend to update the DBs. The frontend is coded on PHP 5 running under Apache, with a MySQL relational database on a SL6 distro. It uses plain PHP and pChart 2.0 for the graphs. The databases are separated into a CPU record database, a User record database, and a topology database.

This service includes the following components.


This activity is responsible for the coordination of the system operation and upgrade activities with those partners that are in charge of operating other systems that depend on it.


Support through the EGI helpdesk is provided

Support hours: eight hours a day (for example 9-17 CE(S)T), Monday to Friday – excluding public holidays of the hosting organization.



This activity includes:

Service level targets

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