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EGI CSIRT:Alerts/RedHat-setroubleshoot-2015-03-30

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Title:       EGI Advisory 'CRITICAL' RISK CVE-2015-1815 RedHat setroubleshoot [EGI-ADV-20150330] 

Date:        2015-03-30 



A vulnerability has been announced by RedHat in setroubleshoot software. [R 1] 

This has been fixed in RedHat Enterprise linux and Scientific Linux. 


This vulnerability allows command injection and privilege escalation by a specially crafted filename.

For vulnerable sites it is thought to be exploitable remotely by people with no credentials. 

For more details see [R 1] and [R 2].

Risk category

This issue has been assessed as 'Critical' by the EGI SVG Risk Assessment Team.

Affected software


For version details see [R 3]

Component installation information

See [R 3], [R 4]


Sites which have setroubleshoot installed are recommended to update relevant components immediately, 
or de-install setroubleshoot.

All running resources MUST be either patched or otherwise have a work-around in place at the 
latest by 2015-04-07  T21:00+01:00. Sites failing to act and/or failing to respond to requests 
from the EGI CSIRT team risk site suspension. 

However, we recommend any site which has setroubleshoot installed acts immediately, and we hope 
no sites expose this vulnerability over the Easter break.


[R 1]

[R 2]

[R 3]

[R 4]


2015-03-30 EGI alerted to the public announcement this vulnerability. 
2015-03-30 Assessment by the EGI Software Vulnerability Group.  
2015-03-30 Alert sent to sites