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EGI CSIRT:Advisory/EGI-ADV-20120801/

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Title:       EGI CSIRT ADVISORY [EGI-ADV-20120801] concerning gLite 3.2         
             middleware components no longer supported on 01 August 2012.

Date:        2012-08-01 send to sites


This advisory is being issued to remind sites which currently deploy gLite 3.2 
software components which are no longer under security support to migrate to 
supported software. 

Various sites still deploy gLite 3.2 middleware components which on the 
1st August 2012 are no longer under security support. 

The gLite 3.1 distribution is now retired. Sites still deploying gLite 3.1 
software components have also been identified. This advisory includes a reminder 
of the decommissioning calendar applicable to gLite 3.1 software components and 
generally speaking to any software reliant on RHEL4 derivatives.

This advisory describes the detailed timelines for the retirement of unsupported 
software components as agreed between EGI CSIRT, the Operations Management Board, 
and the Security Co-ordination Group, which must be adhered to and describes the 
consequence of failing to do so.

It should be noted that regardless of these deadlines if a critical vulnerability 
affecting any software out of security support is published it may not be possible 
to produce an update and will be necessary to immediately stop the affected services 
and reinstall with currently supported software releases.  

Retirement calendar of gLite 3.2 components out of security support on 1st August 2012

The gLite 3.2 components currently out of security support are:

LSF utils
MPI utils
SGE utils
Torque client/server/utils

See gLite 3.2 support calendar [R 1]. This advisory refers to these. 

All unsupported gLite 3.2 software components listed above and deployed 
in production are expected to migrate away as soon as possible and no later 
than 1st October 2012. 

Deployment of the unsupported gLite 3.2 components listed above will be monitored 
by EGI CSIRT. A report of any sites which are still deploying the unsupported 
gLite 3.2 components after 01 October 2012, will be produced for EGI management. 

Suspension Policy

From 1st November 2012 sites still deploying the unsupported gLite 3.2 software 
components mentioned above will be asked to  migrate to supported software immediately 
or to shutdown services.

Sites may face site suspension if failing to migrate their services. 
Exceptions may be made if the site is in communication with EGI CSIRT and upgrades are 
in progress. As it is acknowledged that some sites wish to migrate from gLite 3.2 to the 
UMD 2/EMI 2/RHEL6 based versions, exceptions may also be made if the site is planning to 
migrate straight to EMI 2 based on RHEL6 but the appropriate software is not available in 
EGI UMD2 on 01 November 2012 or has been available for less than 1 month.

Reminder for gLite 3.1 and software reliant on RHEL4 derivatives.

Sites deploying gLite 3.1 software components and/or software reliant on RHEL4 
(including SL4) must migrate away from these by 1st October 2012.
These sites have been individually contacted by CSIRT on 16th July 2012, therefore 
should be aware of this.

On 1st October 2012 such sites will be asked to migrate to supported software or shutdown 
services immediately. Failure to comply will result in site suspension. 
No exceptions or further extension of this deadline will be made.


Please be aware that this notice only applies to software which is already out
of security support on 1st August 2012.  Retirement calendars for software 
which comes out of security support in the future will be made at a later date. 

Other information

In the coming months EGI will review its security policies in order to no longer 
allow the deployment in production of software which is out of security support.
See [R 2] and [R 3] for further information on supported middleware versions.


[R 1] gLite 3.2 support calendar
[R 2] EMI support calendar
[R 3] General support information from technology providers

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