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EGI-InSPIRE Project Year 1: NGI Operations Quarterly Reports (SA1 activity).

NGI acronym Partner name NGI Metrics (QR1-QR5 only! You are not requested to fill this column starting from QR6, use the Metrics Portal instead) QR1 QR2 QR3 QR4
Albania UPT Albania-UPT Metrics Albania-QR3 Albania-QR4
Armenia IIAP NAS RA Armenia-IIAP-NAS-RA Metrics Armenia-QR3 Armenia-QR4
Belarus UIIP NASB Belarus UIIP NASB Belarus-QR3 Belarus-QR4
Bulgaria IPP_BAS Buglaria IPP_BAS Bulgaria-QR3 Bulgaria-QR4
Bosnia H. UOBL ETF Bosnia H. UOBL ETF Metrics BosniaH-QR3 BosniaH-QR4
Croatia SRCE Croatia-SRCE Metrics Croatia-QR3 Croatia-QR4
Cyprus UCY Cyprus-UCY Metrics Cyprus-QR3 Cyprus-QR4
Czech Rep. CESNET Czech Rep.-CESNET Metrics Czech Rep-QR3 Czech Rep-QR4
Denmark UCPH Denmark-UCPH Metrics Denmark-QR3 Denmark-QR4
Finland CSC Finland-CSC metrics Finland-QR3 FInland-QR4
France CNRS France-CNRS France-QR3 France-QR4
Georgia GRENA Georgia-GRENA Metrics Georgia-QR3 Georgia-QR4
Germany KIT Germany-KIT Metrics <Q1_value> <Q2_value> Germany-QR3 Germany-QR4
Greece GRNET Greece-GRNET Metrics Greece-QR3 Greece-QR4
Hungary MTA KFKI Hungary-MTA-KFKI Metrics <Q1_value> <Q2_value> Hungary-QR3 Hungary-QR4
Ibergrid (Portugal and Spain) LIP/CSIC Portugal/LIP Metrics Spain/CSIC Metrics Ibergrid-QR3 Ibergrid-QR4
Ireland TCD Ireland-TCD Metrics Ireland-QR3 Ireland-QR4
Israel IUCC Israel-IUCC Metrics Israel-QR3 Israel-QR4
Italy INFN Italy-INFN Metrics Italy-QR3 Italy-QR4
Latvia IMCS-UL Latvia-IMCS-UL Metrics Latvia-QR3 Latvia-QR4
Lithuania VU Lithuania-VU Metrics Lithuania-QR3 Lithuania-QR4
FYR of Macedonia UKIM Macedonia-UKIM Metrics Macedonia-QR3 Macedonia-QR4
Moldova RENAM Moldova-RENAM Metrics Moldova-QR3 Moldova-QR4
Montenegro UOM Montenegro-UOM Metrics Montenegro-QR3 Montenegro-QR4
Netherlands NCF Netherlands-NCF Metrics Netherlands-QR3 Netherlands-QR4
Norway SIGMA Norway-SIGMA Metrics Norway-QR3 Norway-QR4
Poland CYFRONET Poland-CYFRONET Metrics Poland-QR3 Poland-QR4
Romania ICI Romania-ICI Metrics Romania-QR3 Romania-QR4
Russia Russia Russia Metrics Russia-QR3 Russia-QR4
Serbia IPB/AEGIS Serbia-IPB_AEGIS Metrics Serbia-QR3 Serbia-QR4
Slovakia UI SAV Slovakia-UI-SAV Metrics Slovakia-QR3 Slovakia-QR4
Slovenia ARNES Slovenia-ARNES Metrics Slovenia-QR3 Slovenia-QR4
Sweden VR-SNIC Sweden-VR-SNIC Metrics Sweden-QR3 Sweden-QR4
Switzerland SWITCH Switzerland-SWITCH Metrics Switzerland-QR3 Switzerland-QR4
Turkey TUBITAK Turkey-TUBITAK Metrics Turkey-QR3 Turkey-QR4
United King. STFC UK-STFC Metrics UK-QR3 UK-QR4