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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
QR4 Ibergrid LIP & CSIC G. Borges (LIP)



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
14th April Vilnius, Luthuania MPI hands on training ~10


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
14-16 April Ljubljiana, Slovenia ICANNGA, LNCS (Springer) 1
11-14 April Vilnius, Lithuania EGI User Forum 2011 ~ 15
11 April Madrid, Spain Meeting of the Networking Group for the LHC in Spain 1
  • PIC: Annual meeting of the WLCG sites in Spain with the NREN (RedIRIS) to present and discuss about the status of the network infrastructures at the Sites and at the NREN level and its impact on the WLCG present and future activities.
6-7 April Karlsruhe, Germany EGI-CSIRT Face to face meeting 1
4-8 April CERN, Geneva, Swiss CMS Computing & Offline week 1
  • PIC: Follow up of the CMS WLCG activities.

16-17 March Göttingen 5th dCache Workshop 1
7-8 March Lyon, France LHCb Tier1 Jamboree 2
  • PIC: Annual face to face meeting of the LHCb experiment with the Tier1 centres to follow up the computing services status and discuss about future activities and planning. PIC presented results on the deployment of CernVM-FS for the LHCb software distribution,
2 March Amsterdam, Netherlands Task Leaders and AMB F2F meeting 1
10-11 February Lyon, France LHC OPN meeting 1
24 January Utrecht, Netherlands EugridPMA meeting 1


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2.1. Progress Summary

  1. The IBERGRID r-Nagios service has been configured to use Ibergrid core services in a failover. The only service for which there is not a failover mechanism is for MyProxy service.
  2. Start enforcing the support on regional macro VOs. The policy is that sites in the region should provide at least the 20% of their resources to the regional macro VOs indicated as a payment of the international services provided by the NGI. If it is not possible (if the local infrastructure is owned by dedicated projects) sites should select at least one of these macro VOs and provide opportunistic access. Simultaneously the decomission of old regional VOs started.
  3. Regional VOMS replication scheme implementation in progress. The aim is to keeping DB copies of a main host (MASTER) in a secondary host (SLAVE). By architecture, the slave host will only have read access to the Database entries.
  4. Successfull upgrades on the regional operation dashboard and on the regional nagios.
  5. Enforcement of the phase out of EGEE name in the information system.
  6. Internal discussion of the Resource Centre OLA (ongoing).
  7. Produce internal documentation on accounting, benchmarking and on gLite-Cluster node.
  8. Following a request from WLCG, we have developed a schema to support TopBDIIs in high availability mode.
  9. Contribution on a best effort basis to the Certification Manual documentation.
  10. Several IBERGRID sites contributed to the Stage Rollout process.
  11. Completion of the Survey for supported OS platforms, LB, service management and monitoring (for EMI components).
  12. Provide input to the list of components from EMI 1.0 that should be integrated in UMD with high priority.
  13. Both Portugal and Spain have provided self-assessment input of NGI international tasks for MS109.
  14. Provide feedback to deliverable D4.2 - Annual Report on the EGI Production Infrastructure
  15. Review of the deliverables D5.2 - Annual Report on the status of the software provisioning activity and the work of DMSU; and D6.3 - Annual Report on the Tools and Services of the Heavy User Communities
  16. Ibergrid ROD team was invited to share their support model and experience with regional tools during the ROD session in EGI User Forum (

2.2. Main Achievements

  1. Invitation to report the IBERGRID operational model in the ROD session in EGI User Forum (
  2. Assessement of the high availability schema for the regional TopBDIIs
  3. Successfull upgrades on the regional operation dashboard and on the regional nagios.
  4. Stage Rollout participation

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
MyProxy represents a single point of failure for the regional nagios service We were investigating the possibility of using Robot certificates for the IBERGRID r-Nagios
Identified timeout problem with VOMS Open GGUS ticket #69356 - VOMS support recognized the issue has a bug
Sync problems between regional and central dashboard GGUS #68414 Ticket opened and assigned to COD
Notification problem bewtween r-NAGIOS and Operational Portal GGUS #68414 Ticket opened and assigned to COD
Spanish sites had a GÉANT network issue (since 13:30 PM to 18:00 PM on the 03/17/2011) with consequences in availability/reliability metrics GGUS ticket #68848 was open in order to do not take into account that period in the A/R metrics.