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Dteam vo

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General Information

The DTEAM VO is an infrastructure VO that MUST be enabled by all EGI Resource Centres that support the VO concept for user authentication, as stated in the Resource Centre Operational Level Agreement. It is meant for testing and troubleshooting of capabilities across EGI Resource Centres. Usage of the DTEAM VO is subject to the EGI Security Policies.

Become a member

Open the following link

fill in the requested information and after reading the dteam AUP confirm that you abide to this policy and press the submit button.

In order to verify your email address an email will be sent to you (if you cannot find the verification email in your inbox please make sure to also check your spam folder). By following the link given within the verification email you will have to select the appropriate NGI/Group manager who will handle your request and press the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page. The NGI/Group Manager you selected will be notified of your request and should handle it.

What users filling the dteam VO Registration form should do

Select the appropriate Group Manager (depending on NGI origin) for themselves. The Manager corresponding to their NGI/region is offered in a bullet-list menu.


dteam users from Greece should select Kostas Koumantaros as their Group Manager

Everybody is automatically registered under the root group /dteam. Nobody can de-assign them from this "root group" unless they get "Denied", in the first place or, later on, "Suspended", by the VO-Admin, in which case they can't run any Grid jobs and they get deleted from the VOMS database.

Users may select additional Groups, SubGroups and Roles within their NGI Group from their VO Home page.


dteam users from Greece should select to be added to /dteam/NGI_GRNET Group

dteam users from Greece who want Production Role should request the/dteam/NGI_GRNET/Role=production role

Recipes for VO/ROC/NGI/Group/Site managers

What the VO-Admin can do

Everything including VO member suspension/removal and ACLs configuration that nobody else can do!

What the NGI/Group Manager can do

  • Approve Candidates during the initial registration.

NOTE: Once an NGI/Group Manager approves a user request he/she should make sure to add this person to the corresponding group he/she manages, plus any other subgroups as applicable.

  • Add/remove members to specific NGI/Group he/she is in charge of.