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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 News from URT

  • ARC: minor release expected for mid March
  • WMS: new release expected for the end of February (fixing the openssl compatibility)
  • New SAM probes expected for CREAM, QCG and ARC. SAM team (currently supporting the migration of the central instance) will not be able to release them before the end of April. The new consortium will release the probes, but - considering that completing the migration is a priority - it is likely that the new probes will be available in SAM after May.

1.2 UMD release

UMD 3.5.0 was release on the 20th of February (release notes) and contained the following updates:

  • APEL SSM 2.2.1 :
    • This is a minor released which changes the behavior of the start and abort a transaction and raise exception when not connected during send_all.
  • Storm 1.11.3 :
    • This release provides fixes for security vulnerabilities that were recently reported, and several bug fixes namely at the level of the webdav service.
  • ProxyRenewal v. 1.3.35 :
    • This is a revision for ProxyRenewal, which makes sure 1024-bit keys are explicitly requested from Globus, overriding the current Globus default of 512 bits.
  • Globus GSISSH :
    • This release it incorporate changes from the standard openssh package and its now SHA-2 compliant.
  • LB 4.0.12-1 :
    • This is a maintenance release of L&B which provides some fixes for packaging, rare memory handling issues, permissions for integration with CREAM, and improvements in the reliability of the Site Notification Keeper.
  • QCG BROKER v. 3.2.0 :
    • This release provides support for SHA2 certificates together with support for iRODS, http transfer and an extension in GetFactoryAttributes method in order to support SLURM. There also an enhancement of the support for parallel and multi-scale applications.


  • Dpm-Yaim v. 4.2.17 :
    • This is a maintenance release to address some specific problems related with dpm-xroot and dav filesystem configuration.
  • GridSite v. 2.2.1 :
    • This is a revision of GridSite, turning off server-side TLS tickets support, which has been turned on by default since OpenSSL 1.0.
  • APEL PARSER v. 2.2.1 :
    • This is a minor release which introduces some small tuning like the catch for xml parser exceptions to fix db loader crash or the way SLURM parser handles the time unit prefixes.
  • BLAH v. 1.20.4 :
    • This released provides a fix for the MPI support for SLURM jobs.
  • CanL v. 2.2.1 :
    • This revision contains library dependencies cleanups, warnings fixes, and improved packaging together with bug-fix, related to key usage extension value in proxy certificates created with the library.

1.3 Staged rollout updates

  • IGE.globus-rls v. 5.2.5 no EA

1.4 Next releases

  • UMD-3 expected for the end of March

2. Operational issues

2.1 Report from DMSU

WMS - Argus SSL connection errors - Signature does not match

GGUS #101486

There are random SSL connection errors between WMS and Argus (@NGI_GRNET). It is not yet clear if it is the same issue with Java 7 affecting ARGUS some months ago (see )

2.1 EMI-2 decommision calendar


  • Sites will start to receive alarms on Monday March 3rd
  • Probes are ready and deployed in midmon, and Sites and ROD can check which are the services to upgrade by: 27-02-2014. Probe documentation is on the standard location: EMI-2 tests
  • More information software retirement calendar wiki page
  • Matt Doidge is working on the EMI-3 WN tarball. A first version is expected at the beginning of March. Sites interested in the tarball version of the WN are encouraged to contact João Pina, and support the WN staged rollout.

2.1 GLUE2 validation

The number of Site BDIIs failing GLUE Validator reduced to 73 instances, currently failing in midmon. This number is compliant with PRCEDURE06, which demands 75% of the sites OK before a probe turns into Operational. Possible timeline:

  • Broadcast to ROD and Sites on March 3rd
  • Probe will be set OPERATIONAL on March 10th
  • Sites will have other two weeks to fix the Site-BDII before receiving alarms

For any comment, question or suggestion, contact operations[at]

3. AOB

3.1 Next meeting

4. Minutes