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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 News from URT

The following product releases are expected to be released in the EMI repositories in the next update (today):

DPM and lcgutils are being removed from the EMI repositories, EPEL is the authoritative repository for these products.

1.2 Staged rollout updates

Presently under Staged Rollout:

URLs with a double "/" between the host and the vo dir, like this one:
will not work like in gridftp.

1.3 Next UMD releases

2 Operational issues

2.1 Updates from DMSU

From the last grid ops meeting:

Jobs aborted with the error "CREAM'S database has been scratched and all its jobs have been lost"

see details in GGUS #97354

Since Sep 13th (at least with WMS servers at CNAF) almost all the production jobs are failing, mainly due to two bugs: for the first one, (almost) all the jobs in the ICE DB are marked with DB_ID=0; for the second bug, a particular CE ( was triggering the signal of deleting the jobs with DB_ID=0. All the WMS servers which contacted that CE are affected by this issue

It was found out that CREAM CE(s) are sending (since a certain date) an empty DB_ID information as result of an interoperability problem (missing SOAP_HEADER) between gSOAP and Axis2 (ICE uses gSOAP, CREAM uses Axis2 as SOAP frameworks).

The fix (CREAM-125) has been already committed: with the new version of glite-ce-cream-client-api-c CREAM re-starts to send to ICE a not empty DB_ID in the JobRegister query

Other tickets opened for this issue:

- by the users GGUS #97360 GGUS #97402 GGUS #97420 GGUS #97453

- by developers for debugging reasons: GGUS #97507 GGUS #97508 GGUS #97509

UPDATE 07-10-2013: fix released today (EMI-3 Update 9); some weeks ago the "bad" CE was restarted so it is not sending any more the wrong signal

2.2 Connection problems for Argus

As reported in this GGUS ticket, argus clients may return connection errors:

"argus_authZ": failed to authorize XACML request: Failed sending data to the peer

As reported in the ticket this is due to a known issue in jdk7. The bug fix is expected for the u60 of Oracle JDK.

2.3 SHA-2 update

Monitoring probe for dCache is not ready yet. It is expected during this week.

The next steps are:

3. AOB

3.2 Next meeting

Next meeting will be after the OMB (scheduled on October 24)

4. Minutes


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