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This page provides an overview of the timing and operations steps for the retirement of grid middleware that either already reached end of security updates and support or that is about to reach this status.

dCache v. 2.6.x

Support calendar dCache v.2.6.x

End of Support for dCache v. 2.6.X: May 2015.

Decommissioning Calendar dCache 2.6.X

The dCache 2.6.X decommissioning deadline is 21-09-2015. Details:

Operations Calendar dCache v. 2.6.X

dCache v. 2.2.X

Support Calendar dCache v. 2.2.X

End of Support for dCache v. 2.2.X - July 2014, once hte new golden-release (2.10.X) is made available, according to Official dCache Releases & Release Policy page

Decommissioning Calendar dCache 2.2.X

The dCache 2.2.X decommissioning deadline is 31-10-2014.


Operations Calendar dCache v. 2.2.X


Text below applies to all EMI 2 products.

Support Calendar EMI2

End of security updates and support: 30-04-2014 (Official EMI page)

Decommissioning Calendar EMI2

The EMI 2 decommissioning deadline is 31-05-2014.


Affected middleware version

Operations Calendar EMI2

(EMI 1) StoRM v. 1.8.3

Support Calendar

StoRM 1.11.1 was released in UMD-3. StoRM 1.8.3 security support ends on July 15 2013.

End of security updates of StoRM was scheduled after three weeks of the complete and successful process of staged rollout for a version of StoRM for UMD-3.

Decommissioning Calendar

StoRM 1.8.3 or older versions must be upgraded to a supported release within one month after the end of security support of the EMI-1 version 1.8.3.

The current version of StoRM available in UMD-3 (v.1.11.1) has performance issues, and currently the installation of this version is discouraged. Without a replacement for the EMI-1 version, the deadline for the decommission of EMI-1 StoRM is currently not fixed. It will be updated once the patch is available in UMD.

Monitoring tests which identify StoRM production instances which reach end of support are now raising warnings in the midmon nagios instance.

(EMI 1) dCache v. 1.9.12

Support Calendar

End of Security Updates and Support of dCache v. 1.9.12 is scheduled on 31-09-2013. dCache v. 1.9.12 is part of the EMI-1 release, and the end of Security Updates and Support was previously scheduled on 30-04-2013. Security Updates and Support only provides updates targeting security vulnerabilities. dCache v. 1.9.12 will not get SHA2 support back-ported. EGI and will make a separate announcement on the roadmap for SHA2 support in dCache.

Decommissioning Calendar

dCache v. 1.9.12 must be upgraded/retired by 30-09-2013 and no later than 30-10-2013 in compliance to the EGI Service Operations Security Policy (

Operations Calendar dCache v. 1.9.12


Text below applies to all EMI 1 products with the exception of dCache 1.9.12.

Support Calendar EMI1

End of security updates and support: 30-04-2013 (

Decommissioning Calendar EMI1

The EMI 1 decommissioning deadline is 01-05-2013.


Operations Calendar EMI1

gLite 3.1 and gLite 3.2 products

Support Calendar gLite

The gLite 3.1 distribution is now no longer supported ( and SL4 reached end of security support on 02/02/2012.

The follorwing gLite 3.2 components are out of security support: APEL, ARGUS, BDII, Cluster, CREAM, dCache, LB, LSF utils, MPI utils, SCAS, SGE utils, Torque client/server/utils, VOMS ( .

Decommissioning Calendar gLite

The products must be retired by 30-09-2012

Operations Calendar gLite

gLite 3.2 WN, DPM, LFC and dCache

Support Calendar gLite3.2

These products are now all unsupported (

Decommissioning Calendar gLite3.2

The services listed above must be decommissioned by 31-01-2013

Service end-points which can not be upgraded by this deadline, must be set in downtime as of 01-02-2013, unless upgrading is not possible for technical reasons.

Operations Calendar gLite3.2

Retired software

gLite 3.1 and 3.2 are both retired with the only exception of glite-VOBOX for which only Security Updates are granted until 30/04/2013.

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