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General information



Preview repository

  • released on 2020-11-30:
    • Preview 1.30.0 AppDB info (last release on sl6): CVMFS 2.7.5 and egi-cvmfs-2-7.12, dCache 5.2.35, DMLite/DPM 1.14.2, Dynafed 1.6.0, STORM 1.11.19, VOMS 10-20 release, xrootd 4.12.5
    • Preview 2.30.0 AppDB info (CentOS 7): APEL-SSM 3.0.1, CVMFS 2.7.5 and egi-cvmfs-2-7.12, dCache 5.2.35, DMLite/DPM 1.14.2, Dynafed 1.6.0, STORM 1.11.19, VOMS 10-20 release, xrootd 4.12.5 and 5.0.3
  • collecting information for the next release




Feedback from DMSU

Monthly Availability/Reliability

  • sites suspended:
    • HK-HKU-CC-01 (AsiaPacific)

IPv6 readiness plans

Top-BDII problem affecting the publication of accounting records

  • on 20th Dec 2020 the top-bdii at CERN stopped working
  • since then, it wasn't possible to publish the accounting data
    • the SSM script couldn't find the Message Brokers queue to send the messages
  • top-bdii fixed on 4th Jan 2021
  • this problem affected all the sites because by default in the APEL SSM config file it is set CERN's top-BDII
  • CERN's top-BDII is going to be retired

CREAM-CE Decommission

  • End of Security Updates and Support: 31st Dec 2020
  • Decommissioning deadline: 31st Jan 2021
  • PROC16 Decommission of unsupported software
  • Decommissioning start date: Oct 1st 2020
  • Nov 1st: probe returns CRITICAL status, alarms created on the ROD dashboard, ROD teams start to create tickets
  • 1st Feb 2021: EGI Ops will start chasing the sites still providing CREAM-CE endpoints
    • By this time service end-points which couldn't be upgraded should be put into downtime by site admin or ROD
  • 1st March 2021: Sites still deploying unsupported service endpoints risk suspension, unless documented technical reasons prevent a Site Admin from updating these endpoints.
  • Tickets opened: 49
  • Please note that at least one CE endpoint should be associated to the APEL service type in order to monitor the publication of the accounting data, as explained here
    • If the CE you are going to remove was also registered as APEL service type, do not forget to move the APEL service type to a different CE endpoint.

VOMS upgrade to CentOS 7

  • VOMS for CentOS 7 released Nov 23rd with UMD 4.12.13
    • VOMS Admin 3.8.0, VOMS Server 2.0.15
  • VOMS endpoints registered on GOCDB as production and monitored: 41
    • Provided by 33 sites
  • list of ticket opened: GGUS
  • the VOMS servers need to be published in the BDII in order to easily collect the deployed version


Next meeting

8th Mar 2021