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WARNING: The meeting is being moved from 20th of June to 20th of June, because 13th of June is holiday in Netherlands and other countries. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Detailed agenda: Grid Operations Meeting 20 June 2011 14h00 Amsterdam time

EVO direct link pwd:gridops || EVO details || Indico page

1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 EMI-1 release status (Cristina)

EMI release schedule (PDF)
Slides: PDFPDF

1.2. EMI/UMD current status

1.3. Staged Rollout (Mario)

1.3.1 gLite 3.1 series
1.3.2 gLite 3.2 series
1.3.3 EMI1 - UMD1
Product - sw-rel Ticket Verification Staged Rollout ET (Finish)
EMI.apel.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.arc-ce.sl5.x86_64 OnGoing    
EMI.arc-infosys.sl5.x86_64 OnGoing    
EMI.argus.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.bdii-site.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 23-Jun
EMI.bdii-top.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 23-Jun
EMI.cluster.sl5.x86_64 OnGoing    
EMI.cream.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.dcache.sl5.x86_64 Not Started    
EMI.dgas.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.dpm.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.glexec_wn.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun OnGoing    
EMI.lfc_mysql.sl5.x86_64 OnGoing    
EMI.lfc_oracle.sl5.x86_64 onHOLD    
EMI.lsf-utils.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.mpi.sl5.x86_64 Rejected    
EMI.proxyrenewal.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 23-Jun
EMI.torque-client.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.torque-server.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 23-Jun
EMI.torque-utils.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 23-Jun
EMI.ui.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.unicore-gateway.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.unicore-hila.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.unicore-registry.sl5.x86_64 Rejected    
EMI.unicore-tsi.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.unicore-uvos.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.unicore-ws.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.unicore-xuudb.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun
EMI.voms_mysql.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 23-Jun
EMI.voms_oracle.sl5.x86_64 onHOLD    
EMI.wms.sl5.x86_64 Rejected    
EMI.wn.sl5.x86_64 DONE OnGoing 28-Jun

1.4 Interoperability (Michaela)

2. Operational Issues

2.1 Requirement #1388

NGI_IT requested documentation about guidelines on how to migrate a service preserving its state (e.g. an SE), on how to set up hot-failover for stateful services.

NGI_IT provided parsed EMI-1 products documentation and highlighted the components that are missing documentation on this issues.

2.1.1 Services that do not need documentation

The following services already report in their documentation the procedures to migrate the service maintaining the state, and a description of an high availability configuration.

2.1.2 Services that miss documentation
V: documentation ok. ?: documentation existing but not complete. X: missing documentation
Service How to migrate the service How to set up failover load balancing Comments
LFC ? ? Documentation available for both HA and migration. But the docs may be not up-to-date. The load balancing tecnique based on DNS round robin is missing.
BDII V (not applicable) X Service stateless, no documentation available about HA and load balancing
DPM V ? The DPM architecture is modular, but deployment scenarios are not well covered in the documentation
CREAM ? X Cream is a stateless service, but for accounting and security purpose, some logs must be preserved to be compliant to EGI recommendation. It is not clear which files are important and which are not.
2.1.3 Other middleware stacks?

NGI_IT gathered information only about gLite components, where they have more experience. All the EMI services will be deployed from scratch.
Are the same informations needed also for ARC components? The interested NGIs could parse the available documentation and report the component that miss information.

3. AOB


Next Meeting:

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