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General information


  • UMD4/CentOS7 regular update in preparation (October release, 4.3.0)
    • UI/WN for CentOS7 -> ONGOING
    • ARGUS, DPM, lcas/lcas-lcmaps-gt4, davix, glexec, edg-mkgrid, ARC, XROOTD, GFAL2
  • please start using UMD4/SL6 or UMD4/CentOS7 instead of UMD3/SL6
    • Debian not used anymore, SL5 only security fixes, SL6 is available in UMD4 as well
    • UMD4/SL6 contains products of UMD3/SL6 which give support for the next year at least, all the unsupported products are not in UMD4/SL6 (please let us know if we are missing specific products that we might have skipped!)
      • for some unsupported products, we are investigating how to replace them with equivalnet products in UMD4/SL6 (see WMS)
      • we need to provide a list of all the products that are in UMD3 but not migrated to UMD4
  • please don't use anymore EMI3, use Preview instead!
    • EMI3 not supported anymore, new message on EMI3 web pages will soon redirect from EMI3 to UMD/Preview
    • more information will soon appear on

Preview repository

Generic information about Preview repository:

  • latest updates released on 2016-09-14:
    • Preview 1.4.0 AppDB info (sl6): ARC 15.03 update 9, FTS 3 - 3.4.7 , VOMS
    • Preview 2.4.0 AppDB info (CentOS 7): ARC 15.03 update 9, dCache 2.13.42, edg-mkgridmap 4.0.3, FTS 3 - 3.4.7 , QCG-Computing 4.0.0, QCG-Notification 4.0.0, UI and WN

Note: EGI provides the preview repository without any additional quality assurance process, but the products are released as they are provided by the product team. EGI recommends the use of the UMD repositories, which contain software verified through the quality assurance process of UMD.


Software upgrades for OpenStack cloud RCs

  • keystone-VOMS and cloud-info-provider updates available, need to be installed on all OpenStack sites
  • as keystone-VOMS last version is only compatible with Liberty and Mitaka, in case OpenStack is Kilo (or older) an upgrade plan of OpenStack has been asked
  • according to EGI policies OpenStack Kilo or older should NOT be running on the infrastructure! we are asking for discussing this point at the next OMB (October 27)
  • as many sites are finding difficulties in planning upgrades against the very tight release cycle of OpenStack, please come with suggestion and reply with details in the tickets in order to shape the best (shared) proposal

canL/gridsite upgrades available

Monthly Availability/Reliability

  • September A/R figures not definitive yet

Decommissioning SL5

ARGO proposal to use GOCDB as the only source of topology information


  • new version released in September, it replaces GSTAT
  • important for presenting the amount of computing and storage resources of the infrastructure
  • each NGI should review the information provided by their sites and let us know any inconsistency:
    • we need your feedback to improve the service
    • some known issues will be fixed in the next release


Next meeting