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General information

News from URT

Staged rollout updates

Next releases

Preview repository

On April 1st it was released Preview 2.0.0

The second major release of Preview was created for releasing the products available on CentOS 7 and Scientific Linux 6 platforms that are about to be included in UMD4.

The products available in this first release are only for CentOS 7 platform:

The Scientific Linux 6 products will be available in one of the next updates.

Generic information about Preview repository:

Note: EGI provides the preview repository without any additional quality assurance process, but the products are released as they are provided by the product team. EGI recommends the use of the UMD repositories, which contain software verified through the quality assurance process of UMD.

Operational issues

Aligning Fedcloud sites to the A/R procedures

The proposed timeline is:

Comparing the two profiles

see the FedCloud meeting slides for details

New profile Old profile
    • org.nagios.OCCI-TCP
    • eu.egi.OCCI-IGTF
  • org.openstack.nova
    • eu.egi.Keystone-IGTF
    • org.nagios.Keystone-TCP
    • org.nagios.OCCI-TCP
    • org.nagios.CDMI-TCP
March April
improvements 2 6
unchanged 11 7
worsening 9 10
#SSLVerifyClient optional_no_ca

Correct setting:

SSLVerifyClient optional


Decommissioning SL5

NGIs argus server not properly configured

Some time ago (more than a year I think), EGI ran a campaign to have NGIs run a "NGI Argus" service. This campaign resulted in new services being added to goc-db for each NGI.

Unfortunately, as explained in the OMB in February, our monitoring is currently unable to check the deployment of these services: - For 6 services, our monitoring cannot contact the NGI Argus - For 18 services, our monitoring is not authorized to get the right information from the NGI Argus - For 1 service, our monitoring indicates that the NGI Argus is not properly configured and does not pull the rules from

In the end, only 5 services are properly configured and monitored!

The changes are rather easy:


The current status of the infrastructure can be found:

On the security dashboard, each NGI should have a "argus-ban" result:

The parent ticket is

2016_05_09 UPDATE pending tickets:

Other 5 servers are failing again


Monthly Availability/Reliability

A/R report on ARGO:

List of the underperforming RCs for (at least) 3 consecutive months:

EGI Operations Support activities stopped

Next meeting

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