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General information


Preview repository

Released on 2016-12-22

Note: EGI provides the preview repository without any additional quality assurance process, but the products are released as they are provided by the product team. EGI recommends the use of the UMD repositories, which contain software verified through the quality assurance process of UMD.


Feedback from Helpdesk

  • [2016-12-13] Services using JGlobus fail with RFC proxies from certificates from some CAs

IPv6 readiness plans

Decommissioning of

  • on December 6th 2016 ARGO team decommissioned the old SAM GridMon box, housing central ATP and POEM.
    • VO SAM instances not be affected as they are using local ATP and POEM.
    • Remaining NGI SAM instances rely on central ATP and will no longer get topology updates, so this gives you extra incentive to decommission them. dismissed

Software upgrades for OpenStack cloud RCs (TO BE UPDATED)

  • keystone-VOMS and cloud-info-provider updates available, need to be installed on all OpenStack sites
  • as keystone-VOMS last version is only compatible with Liberty and Mitaka, in case OpenStack is Kilo (or older) an upgrade plan of OpenStack has been asked
  • according to EGI policies OpenStack Kilo or older should NOT be running on the infrastructure! we are asking for discussing this point at the next OMB (October 27)
  • as many sites are finding difficulties in planning upgrades against the very tight release cycle of OpenStack, please come with suggestion and reply with details in the tickets in order to shape the best (shared) proposal
  • ticket campaign ONGOING for all OpenStack sites, asked to upgrade to keystone-VOMS >=8.0.3, cloud-info-provider >=0.6, and plans for the future (OpenStack version currently deployed, plans for upgrades, usual specific RC upgrade schedule), UPDATE:
    • INDIGO-CATANIA-STACK and INFN-CATANIA-STACK moving to Mitaka (no plan)
    • IISAS-GPUCloud Liberty
    • FZJ user isolation bug fixed in Newton, not in Mitaka (investigating about a backport to Mitaka), waiting for solution
    • IN2P3-IRES Mitaka
    • CETA-GRID using Icehouse, planning mid-term upgrade (Newton?)
    • IISAS-FedCloud Mitaka from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed
    • BIFI upgrading to Mitaka
    • SCAI upgraded to Mitaka
    • INFN-PADOVA-STACK FIXED using Liberty
    • IFCA-LCG2 using Liberty
    • CYFRONET-CLOUD running Juno, evaluating Mitaka
    • TR-FC1-ULAKBIM FIXED using Liberty
    • NCG-INGRID-PT, using Mitaka, up to date
    • RECAS-BARI preparing upgrade to Mitaka from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (deadline by end of year)
    • 100IT Liberty (evaluating Mitaka)

Monthly Availability/Reliability

  • Underperformed sites in the past A/R reports with issues not yet fixed:
    • AsiaPacific GGUS 125427
    • NGI_DE GGUS 123836
      • TUDresden-ZIH: set-up a new CREAM-CE, the CA probes were failing. Issues on SRM service. Proposed the suspension.
    • NGI_NL: GGUS 123532
      • BelGrid-UCL: UNKNOWN status returned by CREAM probes, asked a recomputation
  • Sites suspended after past A/R reports:
    • SZDG (IDGF)
  • Underperformed sites after 3 consecutive months and underperformed NGIs:

ARGO proposal to use GOCDB as the only source of topology information

  • Timescale:
    • New GOC-DB release on Dec 7th including a boolean ‘monitored’ flag for the service endpoints
    • Then creation of a web UI view for uncertified sites in ARGO
    • Uncertified sites will be asked to fill in the service endpoints information. Follow the How to add URL service endpoint information into GOC-DB
    • As information is added in the GOCDB, uncertified sites/services will be picked up by the ARGO Monitoring Engine and they will start to be monitored
    • By Q2 2017: support for multiple service endpoints



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