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The access to the Platform is open to any researchers, with limited know-how and expertise about ICT-based infrastructures, who needs to access to large-scale computing and storage facilities to support cutting-edge research, innovation and knowledge transfer in Europe. The access to this Platform is granted for one year upon validation.

New users registration is not automatic and requires validation by LToS supporters. This process is currently operated by the EGI UCST, but we would like to open it to other NGI user support representatives and NGI International Liaisons (NILs).

The process of validation can exclude those users who are not eligible to access the Platform, and provides an additional level of assurance for the resource providers who enable the catch-all VO ( ) trusting EGI in authorizing the right users.

To reduce any additional overhead and the operational costs of the Platform, the process for validating a new user must be limited to the following steps:

Validation of a new user registration in the plaftorm

  1. Check whether the user has no other active account in the Platform.
    • In case the user already has another account in the Platform the new one will not be approved.
  2. Check whether the user has previously used the Platform.
    • If the user has already used the Platform and produced some scientific results (e.g. publications, presentations) without acknowledge EGI, the account will not be approved. User has to explain why this policy has not been followed before being approved again.
  3. Check whether the user is affiliated to a research institution, or is collaborating with someone affiliated to a research institution.
    • If the user provides a referee for the research institution, supporters have to contact this reference to validate user’s affiliation.
    • If the user registered using an institutional e-mail and/or phone number, these contact details must be verified with the contacts information published by the institute home page.
    • Supporters should be notified by the URP when a new affiliation request is submitted. To approve affiliation access the URP admin portal .
  4. Check the user’s research purposes.
    • This is not a review of the quality of the research, but only checks that the resources devoted to the user will be used for research and non for profit goals.

User suspension

The following is a list of the foreseen motivations for user suspension. Currently the reasons for which a user can be suspended are:

  • The user has used the maximum amount of resources allocated.
    • ACTION. Temporary suspension in order to understand if the allocation of additional resources is needed, or if the user should join another production VO in EGI. Alternatively, a larger amount of resources can be requested through the e-Grant tool.
  • The user was approved 12 or more months ago.
    • ACTION. Temporary suspension in order to confirm the validity of the data reported by the users 12 months ago, before re-enable the user.
  • The user’s activity does not comply with EGI policies.
    • ACTION. Depending of the severity of the non-conformity suspension can be permanent.