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VT Scientific Publications Repository: VT Scientific Publications Repository Tasks Meetings & Actions


Next Meetings

Past Meetings

  • 24/07/2012 10AM CEST - duration 1h - Minutes
  • 17/07/2012 10AM CEST - duration 1h - Minutes
  • 10/07/2012 10AM CEST - duration 1h - Minutes
  • 20/06/2012 10AM CEST - duration 1h - Minutes

Actions List

Open Actions

Owner Description Status Progress
Vicky Document best practices for APAC area open work in progress, Taiwan does not have a central repository, contacted Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Philippines; not real feedback so far, will continue chasing
Burcu Document best practices for PRACE open after a first investigation, it seems they do not have a public repository; will contact PRACE task leader related; email sent 16 July 2012
Sara Communication plan on hold waiting for a defined process for EGI, not started
Sara Document best practices for IberGrid (?) open
Sergio Defining schema for collecting data about scientific publications open https://wiki.egi.eu/w/images/d/d0/D6.1_OpenAIREplus_Data_Model_Final_v1_0.pdf
Sergio Collect information about open access in FP7 and future H2020 open open

Actions Done

  1. Draft obligations for the infrastructure users and how they accept them (Sergio)
    proposal in the "policy" sheet of this document, to be added to Grid AUP, users accept them through VOMS membership process
  2. Document best practices for XSEDE (Sergio)
    added in wiki (VT Scientific Publications Repository Best Practices
  3. investigate the OpenAire initiative (http://www.openaire.eu/) (Genevieve)
    • what are the opportunities and limitations? should we integrate with them?
    • what repositories are available maintained by organisations involved in EGI?
    • Can/should we use one of these repositories or set up an EGI one, should we give freedom of choice among the available ones?
    done ( VT Scientific Publications Repository OpenAIRE
    "ongoing, FP7 project for 5 disciplines, OpenAIRE analysis, work in progress, mainly related to FP7 projects, few disciplines, few publications from EGI-InSPIRE, we need broader scope not necessarily related to publications from FP projects;
    comments from Sergio: focus on
    • OpenAIRE as an opportunity to feed into scientific publications from our future repository
    • what are the characteristics of the repositories to be integrated with them
    • if there are integrated repositories within the NGIs who already are integrated with them and that we could reuse"
  4. draft agenda for EGI TF12 (Sergio)
    initial draft available: VT Scientific Publications Repository EGITF12
  5. Document best practice for bwGrid project (Wilhelm)
    added in wiki (VT Scientific Publications Repository Best Practices
  6. Document best practices for NGI-NL (Sara)
    done for NGI-NL, to circulate the document
    added in wiki (VT Scientific Publications Repository Best Practices
  7. Document best practices for NRENs/GEANT (Sergio)
    Contacted TERENA: no aware of any process; contacted DANTE, no aware of any process
  8. Document best practices for NGI TR (Burcu)
    work in progress, almost done; explaining the process, advantages/disadvantages;
    added in wiki (VT Scientific Publications Repository Best Practices
  9. To organise a session at the EGI TF12 to present results and discuss (Sergio)
  10. Document best practices for French NGI (Genevieve)
    added in wiki (VT Scientific Publications Repository Best Practices
  11. Move content from google docs to wiki (Wilhelm)
    reformatted OpenAire page, created done and ongoing action lists, created pages for each meeting
  12. Document best practices for NCAR/CISL (Sergio)
    added in wiki (VT Scientific Publications Repository Best Practices