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Investigate the OpenAire initiative

Web site http://www.openaire.eu/

OpenAIRE initiative

OpenAIRE is related to Open Access i.e. "Research results funded by the EU citizen are made available to the population at large for free."

Deposit is required for publications related to a grant recipient from ERC or from FP7 in one of the following Research Areas

  1. Energy
  2. Environment (including Climate Change)
  3. Health
  4. Information and Communication Technologies (Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics)
  5. Research Infrastructures (e-infrastructures)
  6. Science in society
  7. Socio-economic sciences and the humanities

What are the OpenAIRE opportunities and limitations regarding the EGI interest?

We will find automatically in OpenAIRE all publicationsgranted by EGI-Inspire IF authors put them in a repository "compliant" with it.
We will NOT find in OpenAIRE publications that are not related to a ERC or FP7 project. For example publications nationally granted are not in OpenAIRE.
We will NOT find in OpenAIRE publications related to a work computed on the EGI infrastructure but not granted by a FP7 project.

How to find in OpenAIRE the publications related to a work realised on the EGI infrastructure?

What repositories are available maintained by organisations involved in EGI?

List of integrated repositories within the NGIs who already are integrated with OpenAIRE
Impossible to be exhaustive without a survey to the NGIs and organisms involved in the NGIs.
A list of such repositories that feed OpenAIRE exists, we can think it is almost complete and should be a first step for our study.

Should we give freedom of choice among the available ones?

Researchers are asked or obliged (depending on the disciplines, organisms, projects) to deposit in the repository of their organism. It is not reasonable to ask them to deposit twice!

Can/should we use one of these repositories or set up an EGI one?

Concerning the deposit, it is not reasonable to ask researchers to deposit twice! Concerning the set up of a collection of publications related to EGI Insfrastrure, we could probably harvest the different repositories to build the EGI collection.

We could probably use the same software as several repositories or perhaps an instance specific to EGI in one of them?

What are the characteristics of the repositories to be integrated with them

Should we integrate with them?

  • As FP7 project we should first put the EGI-Inspire publications in OpenAIRE! Currently only 9 publications!
  • We must ask people to put their publications in their repositories with the project item well filled in.
  • The technical means to be harvested is explained: http://www.openaire.eu:8380/dnet-validator-openaire/help.action

What could we do?

  • advertise OpenAIRE: we could show on the EGI website the EGI-Inspire related (i.e. granted) publications (a script is available on their site)
  • ask officially for deposit of EGI-Inspire granted publications
  • foster the deposit of publications in the partners repositories and gather a collection in harvesting them.