VT Scientific Publications Repository Meetings/2012-07-24

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Meeting 24 July 2012 - 10-11 CEST


  1. Agenda bashing
  2. Minutes approval
  3. Actions review:
    1. discuss agenda for the EGI TF12: VT_Scientific_Publications_Repository_EGITF12
    2. discuss report from Genevieve on OpenAIRE: VT_Scientific_Publications_Repository_OpenAIRE
    3. discuss the proposed policy to enforce e-infrastructure users to communicate their scientific output to EGI: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AqgpAGKtp_HHdFJLY2dzaFIwb2pZUVJUTDE1QUhFRHc&single=true&gid=3&output=html
  4. AOB


  1. Sergio Andreozzi, EGI.eu
  2. Genevieve Romier, NGI-FR
  3. Burcu Ortakaya, NGI TR
  4. Wilhelm Bühler, NGI-DE


  1. Catherine Gater, EGI.eu
  2. Sara Coelho, EGI.eu
  3. Vicky Huang, APGI-ASGC
  4. Torsten Antoni, NGI-DE


Minutes Approval
Actions Review
  • about PRACE best practices:
    • Burcu: no answer yet; DEISA/PRACE they have calls to assign resources, no clear indication of repositories for publications, in DEISA website, publications up to 2010; from PRACE no public information
  • about OpenAIRE
    • Genevieve: the final client of EGI is a researcher who probably does not know what is EGI; in France, it is difficult to know who is the final researcher; the people who can oblige them are those who provide money; as NGI, is difficult to oblige them
    • Burcu: at first step you need to convince the researcher to put the standard text in the publication; in most cases, they forget
    • Burcu: we can provide some award process

Emerging positions:

  • 1. Obligations: we should put obligations in the Grid AUP for the researchers about adding acknowledgment for using EGI/NGI resources; we understand that increasing the awareness and importance of following them is not easy; this should be coupled with:
    • a. a good communication plan
    • b. award program (e.g., the best publication of the last 6 months is selected and one author invited to EGI Community/Technical Forum)
    • c. strong presence in user interfaces (e.g., on science gateways or command-line interface tools used by researchers, EGI website, NGI website, campaign through EGI Champions, dissemination through site admin, footer in the GGUS tickets)
  • 2. EGI should have its own repository:
    • a. it could cover either just the metadata or also the upload of the publication
    • b. it should be integrated with OpenAIRE to feed automatically EU-funded publications into it and comply with EU open access policies
    • c. decision to be made
      • option a: researchers are asked to feed data into their closest repository; if not available, can use the EGI one; mechanisms for harvesting from EGI should be envisioned in this case
      • option b: researchers should always put their publication reference in the EGI repository; this should be made as much easy as possible, e.g. just add a URL (e.g., Handle)
Next Meeting
5 Sep 10AM or 6 Sep 3PM CEST (TBC)
Wilhelm: suggest to put all the content from the google docs in the wiki, he can help with the formatting being a mediawiki expert (added action for Sergio)