VT Scientific Publications Repository Meetings/2012-07-17

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Meeting 17 July 2012 - 10-11 CEST


  1. Agenda bashing
  2. Minutes approval
  3. Actions review:
  4. AOB


  1. Sergio Andreozzi, EGI.eu
  2. Genevieve Romier, NGI-FR
  3. Burcu Ortakaya, NGI TR
  4. Wilhelm Bühler, NGI-DE


  1. Catherine Gater, EGI.eu
  2. Sara Coelho, EGI.eu
  3. Vicky Huang, APGI-ASGC
  4. Torsten Antoni, NGI-DE


Minutes Approval
Actions Review
  • Burcu: PRACE Best practices
    • sent request to PRACE
  • Sergio: session at EGI TF12
  • Vicky: sent updates via email,
    • Taiwan does not have a central repository,
    • contacted Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Philippines; not real feedback so far, will continue chasing
    • Wilhelm: sent best practices for bwGrid
  • Genevieve: OpenAIRE analysis, work in progress, mainly related to FP7 projects, few disciplines, few publications from EGI-InSPIRE, we need broader scope not necessarily related to publications from FP proejcts
    • Sergio: we should understand
      • an opportunity to feed into scientific publications from our future repository
      • what are the characteristics of the repositories to be integrated with them
      • if there are integrated repositories within the NGIs who already are integrated with them and that we could reuse