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OPS vo

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General Information

The OPS VO is an infrastructure VO that MUST be enabled by all EGI Resource Centres that support the VO concept for user autentication, as stated in the Resource Centre Operational Level Agreement. It is exclusively meant for the running of Nagios functional probes as requested by the Service Availability Monitoring framework (SAM). Usage of the OPS VO is subject to the EGI Security Policies.


See the OPS AUP.

Proposed changes to OPS AUP

OPS Security AUP

This acceptable Use Policy applies to all members of the OPS Virtual Organization, hereafter referred to as the VO, with reference to use of the LCG/EGI Grid infrastructure, hereafter referred to as the Grid. The Operations Management Board (OMB) is the body that owns and gives authority to this policy.

The goal of the VO is to facilitate the operations of the LCG/EGI Grid infrastructure, which includes running official monitoring, re-certification and performance evaluation tools. Additionally the VO will be used for interoperations with other grid infrastructures.

Membership of the VO will be highly restricted to only those people who are actively involved in high level operations of LCG/EGI Grid (a.k.a. CIC-on-duty) as well as people acting in similar roles from other Grid infrastuctures where the two Grids are interoperating.

During all times at which Grid resources are being utilised in monitoring or any other tasks relevant to the goal of the VO, the Members and Managers of the VO agree to be bound by the Grid Acceptable Usage Rules, VO Security Policy and other relevant Grid Policies, and to use the Grid only in the furtherance of the stated goals of the VO.


In order to apply for OPS VO membership please see the OPS VO registration page. Please not that according to the AUP, only two members per Operations Centre are allowed to be member of the VO.