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* ACTION 5. DEADLINE 31st March. All NGIs to provide comments to the [ Resource Centre registration and certification procedure] in ticket
* ACTION 5. DEADLINE 31st March. All NGIs to provide comments to the [ Resource Centre registration and certification procedure] in ticket

=February 2011=
=February 2011=

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Go to the OMB page for the lastest agenda.

April 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 06 April. ALL NGIs are invited to specify the list of components from EMI 1.0 that should be integrated in UMD at HIGH PRIORITY. Input needs to be provided here. Information on release notes per component (where available) are accessible from the EMI Release page.

March 2011

  • ACTION 1 (CLOSED). All NGIs to contact sites that deploy gLite 3.1 DPM to check problems and timelines to upgrade to gLite 3.2 or UMD 1.0, and to report the feedbacl to the OMB. In case of many sites with upgrade problems, we will request a memory leak in glite 3.1 DPM (due to a VOMS library) to be fixed by EMI.
  • ACTION 2 (CLOSED). DEADLINE 09 MARCH. To provide input on your self-assessment of NGI international tasks that will be used for MS109. Input is collected on wiki here.

NGI international task metrics will be collected by here

In case of sufficient interest this will be handed as a requirement to EMI.

February 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 10 Feb. Submmission of QR3 report and metrics:
    • Please supply NGI reports and metrics for QR3 at here
    • Please supply SA1 task reports and metrics for QR2 at here
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 10 Feb. Survey on supported OS platforms, LB, service management and monitoring (for EMI components). We would like to launch the first SA1 survey covering the following capabilities: Logging and Bookkeeping, Service Management and and Auditing and gLite-CLUSTER. All these capabilities are relevant to EGI and feedback - after internal processing - will be provided to the EMI project, so it is very important that you give this survey high priority. For some of the questions, you may need to consult your site managers. Instructions for submission.
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 10 Feb.Call for Requiements: EMI 2.0 and Nagios tests. The requirement gathering process for EMI 2.0 (ARC, gLite and UNICORE) needs to start now, as EMI software development will start in May 2011, and all requirements need to be internally gathered and prioritized in the OMB and OTAG (depending on the type of requirement), and then discussed at the Technical Coordination Board of EGI. All requirements are gathered through the RT requirements queue.
  • ACTION 4. DEADLINE 10 Feb. APEL-Pub change of policy At the last OMB in Amsterdam, we discussed the possibility to change the policies of the APEL-Pub probe. APEL-Pub is an OPERATIONS probe, which returns CRITICAL if after 30 days the site is not publishing accounting data. This probe was introduced during EGEE-III to enforce publication of accounting data (at that time a large fraction of sites were not publishing correctly). It is a OPERATIONS test, as it generates an alarm in the Operations Dashboard when it turns to CRITICAL. The Italian NGI requested this policy to be reviewed, to return CRITICAL after 7 calendar days (instead of 30), as lack of publication of accounting records after 7 days is a good symptom that something needs to be fixed in the site, and waiting 30 days makes debugging of the problem more difficult. As at the end of February the R-GMA central databases will be decommissioned, having this change of policy will help the RODs to pro actively support the sites that still have to migrate to the Active MQ client. At the OMB the majority of the NGIs were in favor, and a couple were not. We decided to poll the missing NGIs with this mail. So, if any NGI objects for this change, please reply by Thursday 10. Silence will be interpreted as agreement.

January 2011

  • Action 6.2 Review document Proposal for extensions to availability and reliability calculations and send your comments and feedback to the noc-managers list
  • Action 6.7 To send feedback and any new or missing requirement for EMI 1.0, and to prioritize the existing requirements list (the xls file was set to the noc-managers list on 23 Dec 2010)
  • Action 6.10 To send comments on the usage of a single EGI monitoring VO (OPS). Is the NGi in favour or is this proposal rejected?
  • Action 6.12 to review the current list of non-assigned components and volunteer to the staged rollout of those that are of interest to them (table)
  • To check the draft site certification manual and provide comments input to V. Hansper and Operational-documentation-manuals (at)

December 2010

  • Dec 03: deadline for informing about UNICORE and/or GLOBUS deployment plans for year 2011. Mail to Tiziana.Ferrari at
  • By Dec 14: deadline of collection of requirements on Service Management. Input is collected on RT
  • By Dec 20: provide feedback on training needs for the EGI user forum.The EGI User Forum, which will take place in Vilnius during the week 11-15 April 2011, is approaching. This meeting will be organized in cooperation with the EMI project. Training sessions about EMI middleware and EGI Operations can be organized according to your needs. The User Forum is an opportunity for all NGIs, especially the ones constituted recently or under creation, to get training in different areas.
  • Dec 21: OMB meeting

November 2010

  • Nov 16: OTAG meeting (agenda) on SAM requirements and developments
  • Nov 23: OMB meeting (agenda)

October 2010

Items for approval:

  • Oct 6 (previous deadine has been anticipated): deadline for submitting your NGI deployment plan of regionalized tools.
FOLLOWUP (19 Oct): deployment plans will be summarized in Milestone MS406
  • Oct 11: deadline for submitting comments to the gLite 3.2 transition plan
    • gLite Collaboration draft proposal
    • critical issues preventing deployment of gLite 3.2 components need to be reported on RT
FOLLOWUP (19 Oct): sent request of approval of the gLite 3.1 end of support draft calendar
  • Oct 18: deadline for supplying requirements for ARC, gLite, UNICORE middleware (EMI project). Requirements are gathered on RT, ticket 331
  • Oct 20: deadline for providing requirements for operational tools (EGI-InSPIRE JRA1). Feedback to the OTAG mailing list
  • Oct 26: deadline for submitting second EGI-InSPIRE QR