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The VT should focus on reaching members of the EGI community (see point below). Reaching non-EGI audiences is outside of the VT, and should be done by IGTF separately, but aligned with this VT.

Involve Ad Ammen in the VT, because he is the leader of the dissemination activity in IDGF. (Action - Robert) Tamas Kiss is responsible for reaching scientific users for IDGF. He is already in the VT.

Actions to complete by next teleconference:

1. Define the potential beneficiary groups of Desktop Grid technologies within EGI

      - Resource Providers (institutes with cluster resources, institutes with desktop resources)

      - VOs

      - Scientific users (individual scientists, VOs, VRCs, scientific projects)

    Anything else?

2. A Profile these groups - describe the characteristic of a member of each group (action for IDGF members + Gergely)

    * Comment was - Scientific users should be software developers

3. Capture the main message we want to put across to each beneficiary group. This is a list of the benefits/possibilities one has with the DG technology (action for Robert, Tamas, Ad + Existing IDGF users)

4. In parallel with these (action for all):

- Collect the channels, and ideas on how to reach the beneficiary groups (list)

- Collect success stories that demonstrate the benefits of DGs through real case studies (documents, slides, videos, etc)

The next teleconference could be focussed on:

- choosing the right channels for each beneficiary groups

- deciding about the format of the messages (customised for each group and the chosen channels)

Other actions:

Next teleconference: Aim to have it before Christmas. Setup a doodle for the week of the 16th of December (Robert)