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This table lists all upcoming events of interest to the EGI community. This includes:

Recommendations when adding items:


Type of Event NAME Dates Location Link Comments, next steps
RI/EISFRI cluster ENVRIFair Kickoff 2019/01/14-15 Prague, Czech Republic New environmental cluster project kickoff
RI/ESFRI cluster PANOSK kickoff 2019/01/15-16 Grenoble, France Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud project kickoff
RI EMSODEV General Assembly meeting 2019/01/16-18 Rome, Italy Marian and Ocean observation community
e-Infrastructures CS3 2019 2019/01/28-30 Rome, Italy Cloud storage, data management
Scientific The 3rd Environmental Time Series Analysis 2019/01/28-02/01 Tromsø, Norway The 3rd training school and conference for environmental science and applications to climate change
ESFRI cluster The 4th ASTERICS DADI Technology Forum 2019/02/26-28 Strasbourg, FR
RI AENEAS all-hands meeting 2019/03/05-06 Manchester, UK Astronomy and SKA community
Scientific, EISFRI, RI 8th ENVRIweek 2019/03/09-12 Helsinki, Fenland To be updated once information available ENVRIplus final conference
e-Infrastructures AARC2 All Hands meeting 2019/03/19-21 Netherlands To be updated once information is available AARC2 final conference
Science/ESFRI cluster The New Era of Multi-messager astrophysics conferences 2019/03/25-29 Groningen, NL ASTERICS conference
e-Infrastructures ISGC 2019 2019/03/31-2019/04/05 Taipei, China Main Theme: Efficient and safe processing of FAIR Open Data To achieve the full potential of Open Data and Open Science
e-Infrastructures RDA Thirteenth Plenary Meeting 2019/04/02-03 Philadelphia, US
Scientific EGU 2019 2019/04/07-12 Vienna, Austria Earth, planetary, and space sciences
e-Infrastructures 2nd EOSC-hub week 2019/04/09-12 Prague, the Czech Republic EOSC-hub community major conference
e-Infrastructures EGI conference 2019 2019/05/06-08 Amsterdam, Netherland EGI Federation flagship event
e-Infrastructures NeIC 2019 2019/05/14-16 Copenhagen Nordic e-Infrastructure community annual conference
e-Infrastructures e-IRG work shop 2019/05/20-21 Switzerland
Scientific ELIXIR Summer School in Bioinformatics 2019/06/24-28 Hinxton, Cambridge, UK target at individuals working across biological science who have little or no experience in bioinformatics
RI/ESFRI/Scientific ELIXIR - EXCELERATE All Hands 2019/07/17-20 Portugal, Lisbon The fifth ELIXIR All Hands meeting brings together members of the ELIXIR community from across the ELIXIR Nodes, and collaborators from partner organisations, in order to review ELIXIR achievements and activities so far and discuss plans for the future
TNC 2019 2019/06/17-20 Tallin, Estonia the largest and most prestigious EU research and education networking conference
e-Infrastructures RDA/CODATA summer School 2019 2019/08/05-23 Italy Focus on bio-informatics, Climate data sciences, extreme sources of data and Internet of Things/Big-Data Analytics
e-Infrastructures DI4R 2019 2019/09 To be updated once information available To be updated once information available To be updated once information available
Scientific The 11th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE 2019) 2019/09/24-27 Florence, Italy http:/ This year's theme is digital earth in a transformed society
e-Infrastructures RDA's 14th Plenary meeting 2019/10/23-25 Helsinki, Finland


Type of Event NAME Dates Location Link Comments, next steps
e-Infrastructures ICT 2018 2018/12/04-06 Viena, Austria
e-Infrastructures CS3 29-31 Jan 2018 Krakow, Poland Cloud storage, data services
Scientific 6th ENVRIweek 16-19 April 2018 Zandvoort, Netherland Community conference


Type of Event NAME Dates Location Link Comments, next steps
Scientific EGU 2016 2016.04.17-22. Vienna, Austria [1] submissions from the EPOS CC
e-Infrastructures CLOSER 2016 2016.04.23-25. Rome, Italy
e-Infrastructures PRACEdays 2016 2016.05.10-12. Prague, Czech Republic TBA
Scientific DH BENELUX Conference 2016 2016.06.09-10. Belval, Luxembourg Regional event on Digital Humanities activities in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
e-Infrastructures TNC 2016 2016.06.13-16. Prague, Czech Republic
Scientific EUROMAR 2016 2016.07.03-07. Aarhus, Demark (INSTRUCT-related)
Scientific Digital Humanities 2016 2016.07.12-16. Kraków, Poland Follow-up in DARIAH CC. Workshop abstract was submitted, but rejected.
Scientific 2nd course on Advanced methods for the integration of diverse structural data with NMR data 2016.04 OR 07 Utrecht, NL
Follow-up in MoBrain CC
RI / ESFRIs ICRI-International Conference of Research Infrastructures 2016.10.03-05. Cape Town, SA

  1. view=fit&pagemode=none announcement
This seems relevant, however outside of Europe
RI / ESFRIs ELIXIR All-hands 2016.03.7-10. Barcelona, Spain Follow-up in ELIXIR CC. Contribution to EXCELERATE WP4 workshop
RI & E-infra Digital Infrastructures for Research (DI4R 2016) 2016.09.28-30 Krakow, PL Abstract Submission deadline: June 3. Follow-up by all EGI activities
Scientific + ESFRI European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) 2016.09.03-07. Hague, NL Follow-up in the ELIXIR CC. Possibilities: Talk, poster, exhibition booth
Scientific EURALEX Congresses for lexicographers 2016.09.06-10. Tbilisi, Georgia Follow-up in the DARIAH CC: Possible training workshop and paper in the proceedings. 
Webinar The EGI Open Data Platform - Towards Scientific Data Hubs 2016.05.17 Online In collaboration with EGI-Engage JRA2.1
Webinar WS-PGRADE gateway environment for compute intensive workflows on clouds 2016.05.26 (TBC) Online TBD In collaboration with MTA SZTAKI
Webinar DIRAC4EGI system: Cataloguing and computing with data in EGI 2016.06.07  Online TBD In collaboration with Uni. of Barcelona
Webinar Enabling access to EGI services with community-specific user identities: The new EGI IdP/SP Proxy service 2016.06 (TBD) Online TBD In collaboration with EGI-Engage JRA1.1
Scientific / ESFRI ELIXIR Finland: Using clouds and VMs in bioinformatics training 2016.05.23-25 Helsinki, FI EGI-Engage to contribute with a Federated Cloud - CHIPSTER tutorial
Scientific, ESFRI Big data in biology and health 2016.09.25-27 Heidelberg, DE EGI and ELIXIR CC/Compute Platform to give a talk or have a booth?
ESFRI DARIAH-EU annual event 2016.10.10-12 Gent, BE


Follow-up in the DARIAH CC
Science/RI Digital Humanities Conference 2017 2017.08.08-11 Quebec, CA Follow-up in DARIAH CC. Outside of Europe.
Science/ESFRI EISCAT_3D User Meeting 2016.05.18-19 Uppsala, SE Follow-up in EISCAT_3D CC. Talk and demo about data-compute portal from the CC
Science/ESFRI DARIAH-EU Annual Event - All Hands Meeting 2017.04.26-27 Berlin, DE Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/ESFRI DARIAH events 2017.11.01-04 Aarhus, DK
  • 01 November, (Morning) Scientific Board; (Afternoon) Launch of the Humanities at Scale Innovation Forum and Board; (Evening) Creativity World Forum.
  • 02 November, (Morning) National Coordinators Committee; (Afternoon) General Assembly.
  • 03 November, All day Conference: DARIAH and Public Humanities.
  • 04 November, (Morning) Conference close: Matchmaking Events - upcoming EU Calls and potential industrial partners.
Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI Global Digital Humanities Symposium 2017.03.16-17 Michigan, USA Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI Digital Preservation for Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DPASSH2017) 2017.06.14-15 Brighton, UK Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science ENel COST meeting and workshop 2017.02.24-25 Budapest, HU
  • Dictionary Portals and Interlinking content
  • Enhancing Search Results using Federated Search
  • Visual approaches to displaying and analysing interlinked content and federated search results
  • Collaborative knowledge environments and embedded lexical content
  • The European Dictionary Portal: Visions for the future
Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017.07.03-05 Utrecht, NL Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI ELIXIR All hands 2017.03.21-23 Rome, Italy Follow-up in ELIXIR CC
Science/RI DCH2017 - International Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage 2017.08.30-01.09 Berlin, Germany Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI HDH2017 - III International conference on the Hispanic Digital Humanities 2017.10.18-10.20 Malaga, Spain Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI Workshop "Perspectives of the digital humanities in the European Open Science Cloud" 2017.07.12 Zagreb, Croatia Follow-up in DARIAH CC, demo of DARIAH CC services and hands-on targeting national DARIAH-HR community


Type of Event NAME Dates Location Link Notes, comments
Scientific 23rd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology / 14th European Conference on Computational Biology 2015.07.10-14. Dublin, Ireland [2] Champion participation confirmed
Scientific 2015 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation 2015.07.20-24. Amsterdam, Netherlands [3] EGI has Tutorial, booth
Scientific BioSHaRE workshop on latest tools and services on data sharing in biobanking 2015.07.28. Milan, Italy [4]
e-Science IEEE eScience 2015 2015.08.01-09.02. Munich, Germany [5]
Scientific 1st ERROR Workshop: E-science ReseaRch leading tO negative Results 2015.09.03. Munich, Germany [6]
NGI National e-infrastructure for science and its role within the research infrastructure roadmap (Romania) 2015.09.10-11. Romania TBA Cancelled
RI / ESFRI / RC EISCAT Symposium 2015.09.14-18. South Africa [7] Some of the CC members will attend
Projects Wise Information Security for collaborating E-infrastructures 2015.10.20-22. Barcelona, Spain [8] Will be attended by EGI-Engage Security representatives and Peter Solagna from
Policy Plenary Research Data Alliance (RDA) 2015.09.23-25. Paris, France [9] Joint session with Human Brain Project. Yin and Lukasz to attend
e-Science 3rd National eScience Symposium 2015.10.08. Amsterdam, Netherlands [10] Some of the staff members may attend. Not a priority at EU level.
Project Cloud Forward 2015 Conference: From Distributed to Complete Computing 2015.10.08. Pisa, Italy [11] Paper submitted about EGI Cloud activities (by Enol)
Policy ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform 2015.10.20-22. Lisboa, Portugal [12] Tiziana, Afonso and Joao (at least) to attend. We will have a slot in the 'EC Village'
e-Infrastructures 2015 International Conference on Cloud Computing Research and Innovations 2015.10.28-29. Singapore [13] DM CC member attend?
RI / ESFRI / RC BIOBANKS AND BIG DATA: POSSIBILITIES AND CHALLENGES 2015.11.02-06. Lund, SE [14] Petr Holub to give a talk about BBMRI CC. PhenoMeNal WP5 coordinator was also invited.
RI / ESFRI / RC BioMedBridges SYMPOSIUM: Open bridges for life science data 2015.11.17-18. Hinxton, UK [15] Exhibition booth by EGI (registered under SC). Involvement of CCs and other demonstrators is under discussion. To attend from Tiziana, Gergely?
RI / ESFRI / RC Integrating Arab e-infrastructure in a Global Environment, e-AGE 2015.12.7-8. Casablanca, Morocco [16]
Scientific Ecology at the interface 2015.09.21-25 Rome, Italy [n] LifeWatch stand. Any material and support from EGI? (under discussion with Jesus and Fernando)
e-Science HPC-Grid-Computing research day (SUCCES 2015) 2015.11.5-6 Paris, FR [17]
Contact: Genevieve Romier. Any material and support from EGI? Under discussion with Genevieve
RI / ESFRIs ENVRI+ Week (Workshop for ENVRI+ project members) 2015.11.16-19 Prague, CZ N.A. (only internal site) EGI to organise a training on the 18th, between 16:15-18:00. Scope and trainers still to be defined. Contact:
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