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Goals and tasks of EGI training

The role of EGI training is to facilitate the uptake of EGI services by scientific communities within research and academia. The EGI-Engage project (task SA2.1) provides foundational training services and coordination to this work. The main goal of this activity is to operate a framework that enables members of EGI community as well as external partners to effectively create, deliver, share, reuse and benefit from training services in the context of e-infrastructures and e-science. The prime objective is to provide ‘glue’ and also facilitation for training activities conducted by Competence Centres, National Grid Initiatives and partner projects (including e-infrastructure and Research Infrastructures), maximising the effectiveness and impact of training across countries and communities. This is achieved by providing a training e-infrastructure, data, software and other online resources, modules, a marketplace and webinar tools for trainers and trainees, and by organising and contributing to the organisation of high-impact training events.

Training plan

The EGI training plan for the March 2016-Feb 2017 period is available at Coordination/update teleconferences about implementing the plan are held on a regular basis. These are recorded in indico:


EGI runs a Webinar programme, featuring lectures from the EGI and other European e-infrasructure communities. Further information:

Training infrastructure

In 2015 the EGI community has established a cloud based e-infrastructure for training. The infrastructure can be used for training events, demonstrations, Webinars and self-paced learning courses. Further information:

Training materials

Training Materials Service Name Service Phase User Manual Authors or Trainers Update Date Training Events
CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer School Cloud Computing Production Giuseppe La Rocca & Gergely Sipos 10-21/07/2017 Programme
EUDAT Summer School, FORTH, Heraklion, Crete, Greece Cloud Computing Production Giuseppe La Rocca 03-07/07/2017 Programme
Introduction of the EGI service portfolio Sergio Andreozzi
Introduction and command line usage of the EGI Federated Cloud Cloud Computing Production Gergely Sipos 5/Oct/2016
The EGI Federated Cloud for application developers (API access) Cloud Computing Production Giuseppe La Rocca, Enol Fernandez del Castillo, Boris Parak 28/Sep/2016 DI4R 2016
The EGI Open Data Platform and DataHub DataHub Alpha Diego Scardaci 30/Sep/2016 DI4R 2016
Archive Storage Production

Other user manuals could be needed depending on the technology and policies used at the Resource Provider.

Vincenzo Spinoso
Cloud Container Compute Beta Enol Fernandez
Data Transfer Beta


Peter Solagna
High-Throughput Compute Production, Peter Solagna
Online Storage Production File storage can be accessed at different levels, for which different guides are needed:

GridFTP user guide

SRM client guide

Data Management client

EGI HOWTO on cloud storage: HOWTO09 in EGI Wiki

Swift user guide:

OneData client:

Vincenzo Spinoso
Training Infrastructure Production
FitSM training materials FitSM Production User Manual can refer to Google Drive and training materials are available at Sy Holsinger, Malgorzata Krakowian 2016
The EGI Open Data Platform DataHub Alpha Lukasz Dutka (CYFRONET), Matthew Viljoen ( 17 May 2016
Workflow applications on EGI with WS-PGRADE WS-PGRADE Peter Kacsuk (MTA SZTAKI) 26 May 2016
DIRAC system for EGI communities DIRAC Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CNRS) 7 Jun 2016
Hadoop on the EGI Federated Cloud Hadoop Tamas Kiss (University of Westminster, London, UK), Carlos Blanco (University of Cantabria) 17 Mar 2016
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