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Main Roadmap and Innovation Technology For Users For Resource Providers Media

Workbenches: Open issues
Scenario 1
VM Management
Scenario 2
Data Management
Scenario 3
Information Systems
Scenario 4
Scenario 5
Scenario 6
Scenario 7
Federated AAI
Scenario 8
VM Image Management
Scenario 9
Scenario 10
Scenario 11

Scenario 4: Accounting across Resource Providers

Leader: Alison Packer and John Gordon, STFC

Scenario collaborators

Role Institution Name
Scenario leader STFC Alison Packer
Collaborator OeRC Matteo Turilli

Usage Record

Current UR Property Current Definition Extended for Cloud Accounting
RecordIdentity Unique identifier of a record (String) (keep the same)
GlobalUserName Global identity of user (certificate DN) (String) (keep the same)
VirtualOrganization All three may be retrieved from FQAN - use if VOs part of authorization mechanism (keep the same)
Charge Total charge of job (Float)
Status Completion status (String), aborted, completed, failed, held, queued, started, suspended. For VM instance - completed, started and suspended could be used
WallDuration WallClock time Is this EndTime in the case of VM?
CPUDuration CPU time consumed (Duration) (keep the same)
EndTime Completion time (Timestamp) Set to NULL until Status = completed
StartTime Start time of the job (Timestamp) Must be set if Status = started
MachineName Hostname of the LRMS (String) VM Hostname
Network Amount of network resource used by the job (+ integer) Network resource used by the VM
Memory Amount of physical memory used by the job (+ integer) Memory associated with the VM
TimeDuration Additional measure of time duration (Duration) This could be used for suspended VM to record suspended-endtime
SiteName GOCDB SiteName Extend service types in GOCDB to include cloud types
Proposed New Property Definition
ImageID Every image has a unique ID associated with it
CloudType Cloud type
StorageRecordIdentity Link to associated storage record