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EGI-InSPIRE:Sa1 2013-01-15

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Progress of SA1 issues

Nothing new to report.


  • D4.7 Operations Sustainability.

SA1.1 Activity Management



SA1.2 Security

  • SSC Framework maintenance
  • MW-Upgrade campaign
  • Security Training - draft an abstract for the poster at EGI CF 2013 and collect ideas for the poster itself
  • Planning for monthly team meeting and the EGI sustainability workshop

SA1.3 Staged rollout

SA1.3 Integration

  • preparing Mapper meeting

SA1.4 Central tools

SA1.5 Accounting


  • Nikhef now migrated to publishing using SSM.
  • Message Broker network report they have added the IN2P3 DN to the authorized list so that France can publish to the new system using SSM. Waiting for IN2P3 to send data.
  • Issue with nagios updates, our authentication with the EGI Message Broker network is no longer working, ticket has been raised and work to resolve this is ongoing.


  • Ended optimization of the java User record import script, including filtering of badly-behaved sites.
  • Established a branch of the record importer as part of the codebase and repository.
  • Implemented normalization of UserDNs to Globus X.500 format.
  • Identified and filtered 20.000+ rows of duplicated rows after UserDN normalization.

SA1.6 Helpdesk

  • Monitoring tickets.
  • Preparing documents describing work flow suggestions after the end of EMI.
  • Preparing next GGUS release.

SA1.7 Support

  • ticket and dashboard handling
  • tested new dashboard
  • unsupported middleware activity

Software Support

Network Support

SA1.8 Availability and core services