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EGI-InSPIRE:Sa1 2012-11-28

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<< SA1 weekly reports

Progress of SA1 issues


  • D4.7 Operations Sustainability

SA1.1 Activity Management

SA1.2 Security

  • monthly CSIRT team meeting held on 22 November
  • activities for tracking upgrading status from gLite 3.2 components
  • Including handling potential suspension of unresponsive sites - not needed in the end - all went into downtime
  • SVG - handling of several new issues
  • planning for security workshop and submission of 2 talks to ISGC 2013
  • development work on new custom security probes for NGI SAM instance

SA1.3 Staged rollout

  • EMI1 update 21 and EMI2 update 6 have entered into the SW provisioning process
    • Some components already under verification (LB 3.2.9 from EMI1, and gridsite).
    • UMD urgent release foreseen for some components, at least WN and DPM
  • SAM19 completed SW provisioning and released into production.
  • CA 1.51 completed SW provisioning expected to be released this week
  • New changes into the SW provisioning process under discussion

SA1.3 Integration

SA1.4 Central tools

SA1.5 Accounting

Repository - outage last Tuesday, 20th November due to problem caused by electrical work carried out on the UPS at RAL, all APEL systems restored on Wednesday, 21st November. Sites continue to raise tickets in order to republish user DNs.

SA1.6 Helpdesk

SA1.7 Support

Software Support

Network Support

Started assessment of IPv6 compliance of FTS 3.

SA1.8 Availability and core services