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*Preparation for the September IGTF EUGridPMA meeting
*Preparation for the September IGTF EUGridPMA meeting
*Participation in the August IGTF TAGPMA meeting
*Participation in the August IGTF TAGPMA meeting
*SVG closed one issue and handled two new ones

=SA1.3 Staged rollout= <!-- M. David, J. Pina -->  
=SA1.3 Staged rollout= <!-- M. David, J. Pina -->  

Revision as of 16:47, 4 September 2012

Main operations services Support Documentation Tools Activities Performance Technology Catch-all Services Resource Allocation Security

SA1 weekly report

Progress of SA1 issues


  • MS421 Report of integration activities: started external review
  • D4.6 collecting material for the new ToC discussed
  • D4.7 Sustainability assessment of operational services --> waiting for output of the NGI survey closing on 07 Sep

SA1.1 Activity Management

  • Meetings: WLCG MB, WLCG/EGI meeting on mw support schedules, EGI/WLCG/EMI meeting on WLCG repository requirements
  • Preparing the information system workshop agenda for the Technical Forum
  • review of GLUE 2 EGI profile, discussion of software version publication with WLCG
  • review of status of security advisories, finalization of UMD 1.8.1 release notes and announcement
  • discussion of WN/UI/DPM/LFC support calendar
  • Review of Milestone MS421
  • followup of problems related with the release notes of UMD 1.8.1

SA1.2 Security

  • Preparation of SSC6 which will start on 4th Sep 2012
  • Running the training sessions at the GridKa summer schoole
  • Preparation of training sessions at TF12
  • Preparation for the September IGTF EUGridPMA meeting
  • Participation in the August IGTF TAGPMA meeting
  • SVG closed one issue and handled two new ones

SA1.3 Staged rollout

SA1.3 Integration

SA1.4 Central tools

  • By the end of Tuesday 6 NGIs have deployed SAM Update-17. There were few issues reported:
    • package perl-Directory-Queue was not synchronized between SAM and EGI repository, warning about the error was added to release notes
    • problem was found in SQL scripts provided in manual steps, updated script was promptly provided.
  • Meeting regarding monitoring of brokers was held on Thursday. Details can be found here:
  • GOCDB database updates were performed on August 30th from 8:00 to 14:00 (UTC). During that time GOCDB was set to read-only mode. The PI was available.

SA1.5 Accounting

Steady trickle of sites updating to EMI versions and having minor support requests.

Working with Portal on publishing of UserDNs. Many sites reacting to the OMB request to publish UserDNs generated tickets, some just to verify that they are publishing.

Work with NIKHEF and France to start production using SSM.

Meeting with PRACE on accounting

Load problems due a couple of sites republishing very large numbers of jobs. Summarising doesn't always finish in time and backups can't be run.

SA1.6 Helpdesk

SA1.7 Support

Software Support

Due to the short notice this is the report for the DMSU part only, we will have to find report gathering process for the whole subtask.

The work followed the original processes so far, we just received the message the TPM-DMSU merge is approved. We will start implementing the agreed changes immediately.

DMSU tickets flow Aug 26 -- Sept 1
assigned 15
back to tpm 2
reassigned to 3rd level 9
solved 4
open DMSU tickets status
in progress 4
waiting for reply 11
on hold 8

The backlog of tickets is rather high, mostly in waiting for reply status, people tend to be slow in the vacation period. No unusual issues to report otherwise.

Network and IPv6

Network Support has been working on the set up of the IPv6 testbed. site BDII, DPM node, CREAM CE, WN, UI, Top BDII have been installed at the Roma GARR site and a new IPv6 devoted site GARR-IPV6-DIR has been set up. A customized version of site-info.def for a global IPv6 testbed has been created and will be circulated to EMI, EGI and HEPiX IPv6 teams.

Wiki has been updated on New VMware server has been set up at GARR, capable of tens of VMs, devoted to IPv6 and Network SUpport. ( Machines have been registered in DNS with an IPv6-testing convenction .

Initial reports of first outcomes are being prepared. Serious issues with LRMS/batch systems have been encountered with Torque/PBS.


  • preparations for TF12
  • Grid Oversight business as usual

SA1.8 Availability and core services

  • collection, validation and distribution of top-BDII statistics for August 2012
  • creation of registration authorities for the BGI participants
  • DTEAM VO Management tasks

== Documentation == Update of documentation mailing list, review of current wiki operations documentation pages


  • JRA1 face to face meeting , Karlsruhe, 5-6 2012
  • ENVRI meeting, 11-13 Sep, Edinburgh
  • EUDAT conference, Barcelona, Oct