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EGI-InSPIRE:Desktop Grids integration

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Coordinator: M. Krakowian/

Page provides status of integration of Desktop Grids.

Current status

Status of integration

Status Comments


Services in GOCDB:

  • dg.ARC-CE
  • dg.CREAM-CE
  • dg.TargetSystemFactory


  • dg.ARC-CE - dg.FinishedJobs
  • dg.CREAM-CE - dg.FinishedJobs
  • dg.TargetSystemFactory - dg.FinishedJobs


  APEL node: (see details at [1]).

Support Completed IDGF Support Unit established in GGUS with medium level QoS .

Not started

 In progress.
Information System  In design phase