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Welcome to the wiki page of the Mapper Task Force Phase II (which started in Jan 2012).

Task force coordiantor: M. Krakowian/

For additions, deletions and changes to this page please pass your proposals to/coordinate with Krzysztof Kurowski <>

This EGI Wiki section constitutes the working Wiki through which MAPPER, PRACE and EGI InSPIRE projects will coordinate the activities for Phase 2 of the jointly formed MAPPER-PRACE-EGI Task Force (MTF).


Aims (proposal)

  • to integrate QCG Nagios probes into the SAM release and to assess which of these probes will affect site Availability/Reliability in case of failure (affecting
  • to assess the status of accounting, and the developments needed to integrate what exists with the EGI accounting infrastructure
  • to integrate QCG support activities into the EGI mainstream support tasks (1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level)

Current status of integration

Status of integration

Status Comments


QCG services have their own types in GOCDB

  • QCG.Computing
  • QCG.Notification
  • QCG.Broker


  • QCG.Computing - pl.plgrid.QCG-Computing, hr.srce.QCG-Computing-CertLifetime
  • QCG.Notification - pl.plgrid.QCG-Notification
  • QCG.Broker - pl.plgrid.QCG-Broker,  hr.srce.QCG-Broker-CertLifetime

In EGI OPS Availability and Reliability Profile:

  • pl.plgrid.QCG-Computing
  • hr.srce.QCG-Computing-CertLifetime


QCG services deployed in the PL-Grid infrastructure report usage records to the national accounting system called BAT. The QCG Accounting solution development based on APEL was finally completed in July 2013.


In progress

Support for QCG middleware is provided through the QosCosGrid GGUS support unit with medium level of service support [QoS]. An independent xGUS instance is currently being set up for broader MAPPER support activities.

QCG will be externally supported by two partners:

  • PL-Grid for the 1st-level support
  • PSNC for 2nd and 3rd level support


  • QCG.Broker - pl.plgrid.QCG-Broker, hr.srce.QCG-Broker-CertLifetime
  • QCG.Computing - pl.plgrid.QCG-Computing, hr.srce.QCG-Computing-CertLifetime
  • QCG.Notification - pl.plgrid.QCG-Notification


Information System In progress

in development stage

Meetings and minutes

See the task force meeting agendas. Minutes are attached to the meeting agenda.


The MTF has been resourced for 6 months, ie the MTF should conclude its work by the end of November. Key dates are set out beneath:

Date Activity Remarks
10 Jan 2012 Tasking meeting of partners MAPPER/PRACE/SARA/PSNC/CINECA
10 May 2012 Meeting with PRACE to discuss operations service integration between EGI and PRACE to meet MAPPER requirements Scheduled
01 July 2012 PRACE Internal evaluation of MAPPER Core components Giuseppe/Jules
01 July 2012 1. GGUS Support Unit for QGC in place. 2. QGC Monitoring integrated with SAM. 3. QCG accounting solution integrated with APEL SSM.
Sep 2012 Distributed multi scale simulations available on EGI resources in production with all operations tools running
28 Nov 2012 2nd MAPPER Review


  • MAPPER presentation, EGI Operations Management Board, March 2012
  • Expressions of Interest for PRACE Programme Access for the MAPPER Project - (undated document).