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This page is providing yearly activity plan for WPx in PY2

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PM21 Task SA1.1 Provide federated cloud components through the software provisioning process CMD is released, products are added V. Spinoso
PM21 Task SA1.1 Roll in production storage accounting A. Paolini Depends on availability of Storage Accounting (APEL)
PM24 Task SA1.1 Full review of policies and procedures to update obsolete terminology Policies and procedures are not limited to the "Grid" terminology, anymore.
PM24 Task SA1.1 Operational support to vo SLA VOs are technically able to access sites included in an agreed SLA V.Spinoso
PM24 Task SA1.2 Release storage accounting in production Sites in EGI are producing storage accounting. P. Solagna
PM24 Task SA1.2 Operational integration of One Data One Data is monitored and deployed as production service P.Solagna Collaboration with WP4
PM22 Task SA1.2 Coordination of the new core activities bid. Core activities for the new bid are described and bids offers are anlysed and selected. P.solagna
PM24 Task SA1.2 Operational integration of new services New GOCDB services are created, registered as production, and monitored. P.Solagna Possible services are: Swift, services from the CCs, or thematic platforms that enters in the marketplace.
PM24 Task SA1.2 Support and coordinate the development of a data policy with JRA2 and NA2 EGI Data services receive a data policy (template) to use D.Kelsey In scope with the Data Services: where the EGI responsibilities stop, where the user’s begin. From the review.
PM24 Task SA1.2 Define controls to mitigate the risks highlighted in the risk assessment New policies and procedures are created (updated) to support the controls D. Kelsey This work will start by prioritizing 2-3 high risks and vulnerable situations that needs to be mitigated.
PM24 Task 1.2 Review risks based on experience, focusing on VM vulnerabilities. New version of the risk assessment is update with new risks L. Cornwall
PM20 Task SA1.2 Security challenge for fedcloud A security challenge is run and the outcomes are documented
PM24 Task SA1.2 Coordinate the gathering of best practices and technical security tools for cloud providers. Best practices or information wikis are available. TBD within SA1.2 Foreseen collaboration within WISE working groups
PM24 Task SA1.2 Continue the update of EGI policies More policies are updated D. Kelsey
PM20 Task SA1.3 InSAR Browse service of DLR High Resolution Geohazard is generating accounting V.Spinoso & Terradue
PM24 Task SA1.3 InSAR Browse service of DLR High Resolution Geohazard is generating accounting V.Spinoso & Terradue
PM21 Task SA1.3 LTOS platform integrated with AppDB for VM operations LTOS VO can submit VMs from AppDB Depending on WP4 as well
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