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This page provides the yearly activity plan for WP4 in PY2, giving an internal breakdown of anticipated work per month. Please also refer to the list of (external) deliverables - and milestones relevant to WP4:

Project month

Calendar month

Project Tasks

Work to be done




(reponsible person)

16 Jul '16 Task 4.3 First GMS release European users able to login into GMS E. Fernández
16 Jul '16 Task 4.2 new ooi release ooi 0.3.0 officially released. A. Lopez Implementing advanced networking functionality.
16 Jul '16 Task 4.2 Beta release of "ooi" supporting OCCI 1.2 Preview release of OCCI 1.2 in ooi for internal testing A. Lopez Preview of OCCI 1.2. No snapshotting and resize of VMs.
16 Jul '16 Task 4.2 OCCI 1.2 support in rOCCI libraries Basic libraries support A. Lopez
16 Jul '16 Task 4.2 Implementation of new accounting record Release of accounting tools supporting new accounting record (v0.4) A. Lopez
16 Jul '16 Task 4.2 Keystone-VOMS update New version of Keystone-VOMS integration for Keystone V2 A. Lopez
17 Aug '16 Task 4.2 Release candidate of "ooi" supporting OCCI 1.2 Release candidate A. Lopez OCCI 1.2 + snapshotting + VM resize.
17 Aug '16 Task 4.2 rOCCI components release Release of rOCCI components supporting OCCI 1.2 A. Lopez OCCI 1.2 + snapshotting + VM resize.
17 Aug '16 Task 4.1 Fulfilment of ODP REQ1 Open research data is able to be published on the ODP L Dutka This will be made possible by snapshot creation functionality
17 Aug '16 Task 4.1 Fulfilment of ODP REQ4 Integration of the open data access data management on ODP from community portals L Dutka This will be made possible by using REST interface ODP will provide for open data as well as Onedata CDMI interface
17 Aug '16 Task 4.2 New GLUE Cloud profile support GLUE Cloud profile published at sites A. Lopez
17 Aug '16 Task 4.2 VMI management redesign Redesign of VMI (VM Images) management tools
A. Lopez
18 Sep '16 Task 4.1 Fulfilment of ODP REQ5 Data identification, linking and citation on ODP L Dutka
Sep '16
Task 4.2
AppDB enhanced with VM management
AppDB is able to perform basic VM management operations
A. Lopez

Sep '16
Task 4.4
Deployment of OpenNebula site
New OpenNebula site with GPU deployed
V. Tran

19 Oct '16 Task 4.2 VMI management preview
PoC available for testing
19 Oct '16 Task 4.3 Second GMS release Canadian and European users able to login into the system E. Fernandez
19 Oct '16 Task 4.3 Keystone-VOMS V3 support VOMS Integration for Keystone V3 authentication A. Lopez
20 Nov '16 Task 4.1 Fulfilment of ODP REQ9 Data provenance functionality on ODP L Dutka Basic provenance will provide the means to track information about the data origins and evolution
20 Nov '16 Task 4.1 Fulfilment of ODP REQ3 Enabling complex metadata queries L Dutka
20 Nov '16 Task 4.1 PROC19 High priority tasks for ODP security questionnaire, GOCDB entries and GGUS queues setup and Nagios probes running L Dutka
20 Nov '16 Task 4.1 Open Data Platform First Prototype (D4.7) ODP ready launched and ready for early adopters L Dutka
21 Dec '16 Task 4.2 VMI management tools improvement Refactored and improved VMI (VM Images) management tools A. Lopez
21 Dec' 16 Task 4.3 First VOSpace prototype
E Fernandez
24 Mar '17 Task 4.3 Cross-infrastructure case studies report (D4.8) Conclusion of EGI-EUDAT integration activities with a comprehensive report on all cross-infrastructure case studies undertaken following the call in PM15 E Fernandez
29 Aug '17 Task 4.1 Open Data Platform: Demonstrator, Experience Report and Use Cases (D4.9) Demonstrator of the final version of prototype deployed on the selected pilot sites and an experience report based on the 6 months of evolution of ODG prototype since the first prototype was delivered L Dutka
30 Sep '17 Task 4.3 Final CANFAR integration release (D4.10) Demonstrator giving evidence to the successful work undertaken in this task E Fernandez
30 Sep '17 Task 4.3 VOSpace demonstrator with OneData as backed
E Fernandez