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This page is providing yearly activity plan for WP2 in PY1

Project month

Project Tasks

Work to be done




(reponsible person)

1 Task 2.1

1 Task 2.2
2 Task 2.1 Newsletter issue 19 n.a. SC
2 Task 2.1 D2.1 - Communications plan n.a. SC
3 Task 2.1 EGI Conference n.a. SC
3 Task 2.2 New EGI Strategy fully developed and delivered to the EGI Council for discussion and adoption Document sent to the EGI Council meeting (May '15) on time SA Done
4 Task 2.2 EGI Marketplace requirements collection Organise a workshop to collect requirements  DF Done 
5 Task 2.1 Newsletter issue 20 n.a. SC
6 Task 2.3 D2.2 - Master Model for SME engagement Delivered ontime SH Done 
6 Task 2.2 D2.3 - Concept of EGI Marketplace Delivered ontime FMI (Dean Flanders) Done 
6 Task ?.? D2.4 - Data management plan Delivered ontime SA Done 
7 Task 2.1 Open bid for Community Forum 2016 n.a. SC at a Council meeting
8 Task 2.1 Newsletter issue 21 n.a. SC
8 Task 2.1 EGI Community Forum 2015 n.a. SC


11 Task 2.1 Newsletter issue 22 n.a. SC
12 Task 2.2 D2.5 - EGI Governance: Analysis and Recommendations Delivered ontime SA
12 Task 2.3 D2.6 - Report on data sharing policies and legal framework in fishery and marine sciences data sector Delivered ontime Engineering (Paolo Fabriani)
12 Task 2.3 D2.6 - Market Report on the fishery and marine sciences data sector Delivered ontime FAO (Marc Taconet)
12 Task 2.2 or 2.3? D2.9 - EGI Sustainability and Business Development Plan Delivered ontime SH