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Roles and
WP2(NA2) WP4(JRA2) WP6(SA2) AMB Software and services Metrics Project Office Procedures


Activity Reports

WP1 (NA1) (Yannick Legre)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task NA1.1 Administrative and Financial Management

Task NA1.2 Technical Management

Task NA1.3 Quality and Risk Management

  • finalizing ISO certification report
  • coordinating deliverables and mileston
  • attending PMB meeting

WP2 (NA2) (Sergio Andreozzi)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task NA2.1 Communication and Dissemination

Task NA2.2 Strategy, Business Development and Exploitation

Task NA2.3 SME/Industry Engagement and Big Data Value Chain

WP3 (JRA1) (Diego Scardaci)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task JRA1.1 Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure

Task JRA1.2 Service Registry and Marketplace

Task JRA1.3 Accounting

Task JRA1.4 Operations Tools

Task JRA1.5 Resource Allocation – e-GRANT

WP4 (JRA2) (Matthew Viljoen)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • D 4.6 e-Infrastructures Integration report (due 1 Mar 2017)

Focus on ICOS/EPOS work. Currently gathering content, will be ready for AMB review on 15 Feb.

Task JRA2.1 Federated Open Data

  • Onedata RC12 imminent
  • Working with WeNMR testing with INDIGO
  • EGI ODP/EGI DataHub roadmap written and suggested content for Data TCB

Task JRA2.2 Federated Cloud

  • OCI update to OCCI 1.2
  • cASO build for Centos7 for distribution via the CMD
  • Repackaging of Keystone-VOMS for Xenial correcting dependencies problems

Task JRA2.3 e-Infrastructures Integration

  • EPOS - progress has been made with gGUSE/Fedcloud integration. VM can be started/stopped, but problems remain sending commands. gGUSE developers are involved. For DM, gsiftp is currently being used with EUDAT iRODS; working on using B2STAGE API.
  • ICOS - problems hit with Onedata due to many small files. Has been fixed in RC12 and Onedata are considering using HDF5 containers. Also interested in using B2STAGE, testing started.

Task JRA2.4 Accelerated Computing

  • rOCCI server being modified to allow for GPGPU support on OpenNebula
  • working with APEL team for accounting GPGPU usage. The providers first need to be upgraded to glue2.1
  • Testing of LXD hypervisor shows GPGPU support is very good, but missing with OpenStack Nova. Currently investigating what development effort is required
  • Paper accepted at ISGC17 entitled "Supercomputing, High Throughput, Accelerator Technologies and Integrations"

WP5 (SA1) (Peter Solagna)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task SA1.1 Operations Coordination

Task SA1.2 Development of Security Operations

Task SA1.3 Integration, Deployment of Grid and Cloud Platforms

WP6 (SA2) (Gergely Sipos)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task SA2.1 Training

Task SA2.2 Technical User Support


Task SA2.4 BBMRI

Task SA2.5 MoBrain


Task SA2.7 LifeWatch

Task SA2.8 EISCAT_3D

Task SA2.9 EPOS

Task SA2.10 Disaster Mitigation