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EGI-Engage project: Main page WP1(NA1) WP3(JRA1) WP5(SA1) PMB Deliverables and Milestones Quality Plan Risk Plan Data Plan
Roles and
WP2(NA2) WP4(JRA2) WP6(SA2) AMB Software and services Metrics Project Office Procedures


Activity Reports

WP1 (NA1) (Yannick Legre)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task NA1.1 Administrative and Financial Management

Task NA1.2 Technical Management

Task NA1.3 Quality and Risk Management

  • reviewing intermediate report input
  • handling deliverables review
  • attending PMB

WP2 (NA2) (Sergio Andreozzi)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • Contribution to intermediate report + metrics updates
    • Received feedback from QM, need some improvements

Task NA2.1 Communication and Dissemination

  • Website redevelopment: design is complete, content is being added at a good pace, image selection ongoing
  • Service publication: design work commissioned; brief prepared & discussed with the designer; first draft of the content is ready
  • EGI Conference 2017: begin of preparatory work (discussing / thinking options)
  • DI4R 2016: contribution to the event's website and related communication efforts

Task NA2.2 Strategy, Business Development and Exploitation

  • Strategic Planning and Evaluation
    • Support of business development aspects around the thematic platform services activity
    • EO: reviewed EGI inputs to MAOES survey with E. Mondon
  • Service & Solution Strategy
    • SSB meeting held 6 Sept
    • FitSM trainings
      • 27 Sept (DI4R)
        • Logistics (ordering exams; confirming invigilator)
        • Sent several dissemination emails to promote training
      • Nov trainings (Amsterdam): promotional e-mail to past participants
      • Preparation for FitSM WF F2F (Munich - 22-23 Sept)
    • ISO Certification: planned pre-audit with preparatory activity 20-22 Sep
  • Collaboration Partnerships
    • Preparation for Helix Nebula General Assembly - Rome (20-22 Sept)

Task NA2.3 SME/Industry Engagement and Big Data Value Chain

  • SME engagement
    • SME engagement session at DI4R
      • Call held with session participants
      • Updated and finalised agenda
    • Draft version of the Terradue business case
    • Call with UberCloud and outline of Webinar and related activities (18 Oct at 16:00 TBC)
    • SME Engagement activity meeting (7 Sept)
      • Questionnaire; structuring provider service offers (ties into other activities as well e.g. P4U, CloudSME; input to dissemination plan; identify concrete use cases
    • Pilot on Sentinel data
      • organised progress call, CYFRONET put online the DataHub:
      • Call with EOMAP to discuss possible collaborations
  • Big Data value chain
    • Planned attendance to BDVA Activity Group meeting scheduled for 7 Sep
  • Engagement with industry
    • Initial call with Vodafone

WP3 (JRA1) (Diego Scardaci)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • WP3 Intermediate report: done
  • D3.7 First release of the EGI Service Registry and Marketplace prototype: in preparation

Task JRA1.1 Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure

  • Support for OpenID Connect services available
  • meeting to define next steps scheduled for Thu 8th of Sept

Task JRA1.2 Service Registry and Marketplace

  • Evaluation of Prestashop and OpenIRIS live instances
  • Definition of the EGI service options (third level in the EGI service catalogue)
  • Workflow to access EGI infra from the marketplace and interface with other tools (e-grant, LTOS)

Task JRA1.3 Accounting

  • Accounting repo: meeting to be organised to verify the status of the developments
  • Accounting portal prototype reviewed. Next steps:
    • Bug fixing
    • Introduce on-line help and descriptive text in each view
    • Make the menu uniform with the EGI service catalogue

Task JRA1.4 Operations Tools

  • GOCDB: working on the write API
  • ARGO: OTAG meeting scheduled for next Monday Sept 12

Task JRA1.5 Resource Allocation – e-GRANT

  • Assessment on how e-Grant should be integrated in the Marketplace workflow and in the LTOS platform

WP4 (JRA2) (Tiziana Ferrari)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task JRA2.1 Federated Open Data

  • now up and running. Work is being done to make open EA datasets available in time for Krakow.

Task JRA2.2 Federated Cloud

Task JRA2.3 e-Infrastructures Integration

  • Matthew taking over from Enol as task leader while Enol is on paternity leave.
  • Meeting with CANFAR/OneData looking at integration into VOSpace. They are keen to do this and a number of actions have been identified from the meeting 1) a technical demo of OneData will be given; 2) work will be done to integrate OneData as a backend storage via POSIX; 3) to properly integrate the ODP, the metadata catalogs of OneData and VOSpace will need to interoperate. This will require development effort.

Task JRA2.4 Accelerated Computing

WP5 (SA1) (Peter Solagna)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • Updating the metrics for the intermediate report
  • Preparing survey for user satisfaction to VO SLA contacts

Task SA1.1 Operations Coordination

  • Circulated survey to collect cost information for core activities
  • Contacting VOs for DIRAC testing
  • Support for VO SLAs
  • Preparation for OMB
  • Preparation for OTAG on Monitoring
  • Revision of the certification process in the light of new monitoring tools
  • Support sites in adding new resources to fedcloud

Task SA1.2 Development of Security Operations

  • Discussion with SA1.1 for the evolution of the security monitoring in the short and long term

Task SA1.3 Integration, Deployment of Grid and Cloud Platforms

  • A new URP release has been deployed to support the new notification workflow [1] (need to test it);
  • Configuration of the CESGA resources (grid and cloud) to support the LToS VO;
  • Supporting the integration of the EC3 in the LToS [2];
  • Discussed with Marios about the integration of the EGI dashboard in the LToS;
  • Discussed with Enol and UPV team about the integration of the Alces Flight in the LToS;
  • Included Chipster in the VO-wide list for the VO;
  • Checking with Mischa Salle the MAN12 [3];
  • Created an OLA for URP;
  • Updated OLA of LToS resource providers.
  • Configuration of production resources for D4Science

WP6 (SA2) (Gergely Sipos)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task SA2.1 Training

Task SA2.2 Technical User Support


Task SA2.4 BBMRI

Task SA2.5 MoBrain


Task SA2.7 LifeWatch

Task SA2.8 EISCAT_3D

Task SA2.9 EPOS

Task SA2.10 Disaster Mitigation