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Given the orientation towards using OpenAIRE and the existence of widely accepted schemas for publications, this activity does not require to produce a proper schema definition. It led to the identification of the extra attributes that are needed to complement standards publications parameters such as: infrastructure-related info (EGI, NGIs), virtual organisation info, funding project info, scientific discipline info according to an EGI classification


Attribute Name Multiplicity Description
Identity 1 URI scheme, linking to persistent identifier (URN, handle, DOI), full text document or human start page. Identifiers should be unique (source: OpenAIRE)
URL 0..1 URL to a copy of the publication
Type 1 Type of publication (“scientific journal”, “conference proceeding”, “thesis” and “other”) http://wiki.surf.nl/display/standards/info-eu-repo#info-eu-repo-Publicationtypes
Title 1 Title of the publication
BookTitle 0..1 Title of the book containing this publication (if any)
Author 0..* Last name, first name(s), affiliation
Date of Publication 0..1 Date | ISO 8601 W3C-DTF (source: OpenAIRE)
MainSubject 1 http://wiki.surf.nl/display/standards/info-eu-repo#info-eu-repo-ClassificationSchemes (or http://www.mii.lt/support/matematika/straipsniai/str/GlanzelClassification.pdf050529966.pdf or http://www.acm.org/about/class/1998)
OtherSubject 0..1 See main subject
AccessRights 1 http://wiki.surf.nl/display/standards/info-eu-repo#info-eu-repo-AccessRights
ImpactFactor 0..1 From  http://wokinfo.com/ is available
Language 0..1 ISO 639-3 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_639-3) (source: OpenAIRE)
Group 0..* Name of the virtual organisation or research group through which they author(s) obtained access to the infrastructure
Infrastructure 0..* Name of the used infrastructures (e.g., EGI, NGI-XY)
Keyword 0..*