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General Project Information

  • Leader: Open place
  • Mailing List: vt-porting-applications@mailman.egi.eu
  • Status: Planned
  • Start Date:
  • End Date:
  • Meetings:


The task of enabling an application to run in a grid environment is not straightforward. It requires a high level of expertise (grid users, grid providers, grid developers/programmers) and it can involve a considerable amount of work. Several aspects should be taken into consideration for a successful porting of an application, namely:

  • application requirements
  • technical deployment
  • benchmarking
  • production stage
  • dissemination among peers
  • ...

An How To Guide with best practices on how to port applications to the EGI e-infrastructure is a must.


Clear instructions to application developers on how to enable their applications to run on EGI resources. We envisage this information could be collected in a How To guide.


To be defined in the first VT meeting.


  • NGIs (confirmed)
    • IL : Zeev Vaxman Fisher
    • SK : Ladislav Hluchý ; Viera Sipkova
    • GR : Paschalis Korosoglou
  • NGIs (to be confirmed)
    • FI :
    • SE :
    • PL :
    • IT?
    • ES?
  • EGI.eu: Nuno Ferreira



  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • ...
  • Task N