SEC03 EGI-CSIRT Critical Vulnerability Handling

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Title EGI-CSIRT Critical Vulnerability Handling
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Last modified v8, 8. Sept. 2015
Policy Group Acronym EGI-CSIRT
Policy Group Name EGI-CSIRT
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Document Status Approved
Approved Date 29.10.2015
Procedure Statement The scope of this procedure is to maintain a properly patched infrastructure and make sure that CRITICAL Vulnerabilities are handled adequately by all involved entities.
Owner Owner of procedure


After a problem has been assessed as critical by EGI-CSIRT or SVG, and a solution or a mitigation is available then sites are required to take action. This procedure describes the needed actions and responsibilities of the involved parties.


Please refer to the EGI Glossary for the definitions of the terms used in this procedure.

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", “MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

Entities involved in the procedure

  • SVG: svg-rat at
  • EGI-CSIRT Security Officer on Duty: irtf at
  • NGI Security Officer: NGI Security E-Mail as defined in GOC-DB
  • Resource Center: RC CSIRT E-Mail as defined in goc-db


This procedure applies to Vulnerabilities assessed as CRITICAL by EGI-CSIRT/SVG. The assessment process and the resulting required steps to handle vulnerablities is described in: Vulnerability issue handling process.


Vulnerability affecting Resource Center services or resources


Step# Responsible Action Prerequisites, if any Time to comply
1 EGI-CSIRT / SVG Send advisory as per Vulnerability issue handling process SVG and/or EGI-CSIRT assessed the vulnerability as CRITICAL. *
2 Resource Center Upgrade the affected software to a non vulnerable version or apply mitigations Non-vulnerable version available or mitigation described in the advisory 7 Calendar days after Step 1
3 EGI-CSIRT / Security Monitoring Update Security Monitoring to check for vulnerable software versions/configurations Vulnerability detectable via Pakiti or a dedicated nagios probe *
4 EGI-CSIRT Security Officer on Duty For each RC who failed to comply to step 2, the EGI-CSIRT Security Officer on Duty opens an RT-IR ticket against the RC.

Mails are send from RT-IR to the RC CSIRT E-Mail and the NGI Security E-Mail as set in GOC-DB.

Failure to comply to step 2 *

1 Resource Center Any notified RC has to comply to the actions required by the EGI-CSIRT Security Officer on Duty to resolve the vulnerability.

In particular, RC are expected to respond to the ticket after having fixed the vulnerability and, when applicable, manually run the Pakiti client.

Vulnerable site notified during step 4 3 working days after step 4
2 NGI Security Officer NGI Security Officer/Management should coordinate the activities in their NGI, in particular follow up with unresponsive sites within the given target times. *
6 EGI-CSIRT Security Officer on Duty For each RC who failed to comply to step 5, the EGI-CSIRT Security Officer on Duty temporarily suspends it from the infrastructure by setting the Certification Status of this RC to Suspended in GOC-DB. The EGI-CSIRT Security Officer on Duty will inform the NGI Security Officer and EGI Operations of this action RC failing to comply to step 5 *
7 Resource Center Suspended RCs might request recertification as per PROC09 RC suspended in step 6 *

A diagram representing this procedure is available as an pdf.

Revision History

Version Authors Date Comments
8 Sven Gabriel, Vincent Brillault 8. Sept. 2015 Migrated from old document, adapted durations, made steps simpler, clarified emails